Verizon Business Adds New Features to its Virtual Contact Center Solution

Cloud-based solutions company Verizon Business has added new digital engagement capabilities to the Verizon Virtual Contact Center (VCC) to boost the digital customer experience from any place and at any time. The latest VCC digital capabilities aim to enhance customer experience by integrating intelligent, connected, self-service, as well as human-assisted solutions throughout the customer journey.

“In the past few years, the contact center has undergone a digital transformation, which is prompting the end-to-end customer journey to evolve in kind. With more customers turning to digital channels outside of the contact center to kickstart their issue resolution, companies need a holistic strategy for managing customer entry points. The Verizon Virtual Contact Center anticipates and addresses those digital-first interactions, allowing organizations to deliver improved, personalized customer experiences,” said Debika Bhattacharya, Chief Product Officer, Verizon Business.

As the hub of customer interactions, the contact center needs to evolve to meet the demands of modern customers who expect a seamless and comprehensive experience across multiple channels. However, many companies struggle to effectively integrate and leverage all of their digital capabilities, such as search engines, websites, apps, and social media, to provide this experience.

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To make the customer journey more seamless, VCC offers new solutions and ways to digitally transform CX. These include:

  • VCC Guide offers self-service, contextual guidance for both web and mobile experiences.

  • VCC Expert, as a smart management and content optimization tool, optimizes content to deliver an improved customer journey.

  • VCC Enlighten XO creates smarter apps by leveraging auto-generated insights through AI based on CX conversation data.

  • VCC SmartAssist is a smart conversational AI powered by Amelia that naturally solves customer and employee issues.

The NICE 2022 Digital-First Customer Experience Report suggests that as many as 81% of customers prefer to solve their issues on their own through self-service options like web search. VCC's latest digital solutions, which can be used separately or as a package, are designed to work with any existing contact center system and help streamline customer interactions across the entire journey. These solutions provide customers with relevant information for self-service as well as accurate agent-assisted answers.

More About Verizon Business

Founded in 2006, Verizon Business is a division of Verizon Communications that provides services and products for Verizon's business and government clients around the world.

VCC is a cloud-based global contact center solution with a full feature set offering flexibility and innovation to boost the entire customer journey.