Vonage and AWS Partner to Combat Cybersecurity Threats

Vonage has joined forces with AWS to roll out innovative solutions to millions of developers on AWS Marketplace to deal with cybersecurity threats. This strategic collaboration will integrate Vonage's platform, centered around communication APIs and network APIs connecting with communications service provider networks, Ericsson's 5G network capabilities, and various AWS services. The objective is to co-create a suite of solutions that allow customers to leverage the network for driving innovation and enhancing overall customer experiences.  

“By working with AWS, we will accelerate our ability to embed communications and network APIs in applications and deliver new product offerings for AWS and Vonage customers. With network APIs, we are exposing new capabilities from within the 5G network that have never been available before, allowing existing applications to be enhanced with network information and enabling the development of a new class of applications,” commented Niklas Heuveldop, CEO and Head of Business Area Global Communications Platform for Ericsson, Vonage.

In July last year, Vonage introduced the Vonage Protection Suite to support developers and businesses in safeguarding themselves against the constantly evolving risks of online fraud and cyberattacks.

Handling security incidents and scams  

As organizations grapple with escalating cybersecurity challenges, including a staggering 92% experiencing security incidents in the past year and imposter scams resulting in $2.6 billion in losses in the US alone, Vonage addresses these concerns. The upcoming Vonage Fraud Protection solution on AWS Marketplace will incorporate the Vonage CAMARA-based* API SIM Swap (in alpha when available), the Fraud Defender solution, bolstered by AWS generative artificial intelligence (AI) services, and the Verify and Number Insights APIs combined with Amazon Rekognition. This collaborative effort marks the beginning of Vonage's commitment to introducing a series of solutions, leveraging the capabilities of network APIs in the market.

Key features of the solution include the SIM Swap network API, allowing developers to assess whether a phone number recently underwent a SIM card change with potential fraud involvement. Vonage's upgraded Fraud Defender API actively identifies fraud signals, the Verify API streamlines secure silent authentication, and the Number Insights API offers fraud-scoring capabilities.

Augmented by AWS generative AI services, this solution enhances fraud detection capabilities, enabling businesses to fortify themselves against mobile fraud while simultaneously elevating the customer experience. In essence, the collaboration between Vonage and AWS is poised to revolutionize the landscape of fraud protection and network API solutions, providing businesses with robust tools for safeguarding their operations.

“AWS and Vonage have a shared passion for helping customers deliver innovation and value. Working together with Vonage, we aim to drive new industrial and enterprise applications across industries that combine 5G networks and technologies like generative artificial intelligence to fuel new products and enhance the overall customer experience,” said Kathrin Renz, Vice President of AWS Industries.