Vonage Unveils Protection Suite to Safeguard Businesses Against Fraud and Cyberattacks

Vonage has introduced the Vonage Protection Suite to support developers and businesses in safeguarding themselves against the constantly evolving risks of online fraud and cyberattacks. It comprises a wide array of counter-fraud tools and solutions, enabling customers to have greater control over their communication management while bolstering their defenses against potential threats.

"In an increasingly digital world, our customers' security needs continue to evolve. To meet this growing demand for better protection from fraudulent events, businesses today must shield themselves and their customers with agile security solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with their existing communications solutions and platforms. The Vonage Protection Suite is a comprehensive set of tools that enables end-to-end safeguards, leveraging the power of communication API building blocks to address security, authentication and identification processes," said Savinay Berry, EVP, Product & Engineering, Vonage.

The Vonage Protection Suite  

Vonage Fraud Defender is a user-friendly fraud detection and prevention solution that helps businesses with real-time insights through a dashboard, allowing them to stay informed about potential threats and ongoing attacks. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to customize automated responses, such as proactive blocking or notifications, tailored to individual preferences and predefined thresholds set by the users. Vonage Fraud Defender comes at no cost for all Vonage SMS and voice customers, making it accessible and beneficial for their security needs.

Vonage has introduced updates to the Vonage Verify API, offering enhanced features for two-factor authentication (2FA) with fraud protection and flexible channel failover options. Businesses can loe verage 2FA across various communication channels, including SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, and email, ensuring a seamless user authentication experience. The API supports multiple languages worldwide, providing a global reach for businesses. Moreover, it incorporates a built-in counter-fraud system, utilizing the latest security measures to safeguard businesses against toll fraud, reinforcing their protection against potential threats.

Vonage Number Insight, now integrated into the Vonage Protection Suite, provides an extended and valuable feature set. Through the Vonage Number Insight API, businesses can access real-time, precise fraud assessment data for global phone numbers. This includes Vonage's Fraud Score feature, which assigns a risk score and recommends the appropriate next action based on the assessment, ranging from 0-100, where higher scores indicate higher risks. The data provided covers carrier and phone type details and also identifies whether the number has been flagged as blocked due to previous reports.

The Vonage Protection Suite works seamlessly with the complete Vonage Communications Platform (VCP), offering simple yet effective tools to safeguard all VCP solutions, including Unified Communications, Contact Center, and Conversational Commerce. It also extends its protection to the newly introduced AI Acceleration Suite. The Vonage AI Acceleration Suite comprises a range of AI-capable components that can be easily programmed using low-code or no-code methods. These components accelerate and simplify the development of applications that deliver smarter solutions, enhancing business productivity and improving customer experiences through the integration of Vonage Communications APIs for voice, video, SMS, and messaging.

Elsewhere, Vonage has announced enhancements to its Vonage Conversational Commerce solution, powered by Jumper.ai.