Bloomreach Partners with Talon.One to Elevate Customer Personalization and Loyalty Programs 

Bloomreach has joined forces with Talon.One, a loyalty and promotion software designed company, to help marketers enhance their ability to personalize customer experiences. The integration will introduce a range of new features for users of Bloomreach Engagement. These features include the capacity to create more precise audience segments, enhance personalized recommendations and promotions, and bolster loyalty programs.

Both Bloomreach and Talon.One are core members of the MACH Alliance, a non-profit advocacy group, and share a commitment to fostering open and flexible technology solutions.

"We are excited to announce our partnership with Bloomreach, which strategically enhances our commitment to building enterprise value through product and partnership. This partnership brings together two market leaders in the MACH alliance to benefit both our customers and the ecosystem overall," said Christopher Mills, Chief Revenue Officer, Talon.One.

Talon.One, the provider of scalable promotion and loyalty solutions that don't require coding, is teaming up with Bloomreach to offer business users an enhanced means of refining their targeting and engagement strategies. This collaboration aims to boost sales and raise the average order value. Through a unified dashboard, the integration harnesses the capabilities of Bloomreach's robust Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Talon.One's Promotion Engine.

Bloomreach, with its rapid and extensive AI-driven optimization capabilities, combines customer and product data to assist businesses in adopting an omnichannel approach for delivering seamless customer journeys. For companies leveraging Talon.One's promotional and loyalty management tools, this integration offers the potential for elevated growth opportunities.

''Talon.One is an enterprise all-in loyalty and promotion engine that will enable the creation of targeted, personalized and customized marketing promotions with Bloomreach Engagement leveraging customer data, AI, and analytics. As both are part of MACH and Google Cloud, we have a remarkable game changer within the ecosystem to help merchants across our real-time customer journeys,” said Anand Subbiah, VP, Technical Alliances & Ecosystem Platform, Bloomreach.

Through this collaboration, brands can seamlessly incorporate incentives and loyalty messaging into their Bloomreach Engagement communications, increasing sales and greater participation in loyalty programs. An example of this success can be seen with Refurbed, an online marketplace specializing in refurbished technology, which recently integrated Bloomreach and Talon.One. These solutions have enabled Refurbed to craft highly adaptable and engaging customer experiences, improving customer retention and significant business expansion.

In other news, Bloomreach has unveiled an AI-driven merchandising feature in its Bloomreach Discovery tool.