UserTesting Announces Its Latest Technology Partner Program 

UserTesting has introduced its new technology partner program - "ConnectTech " - to expand its network of integrated technologies. These integrations are designed to seamlessly fit into the technology stacks frequently used by customers, spanning areas like development, design, collaboration, and digital analytics tools.

“Our growing integration partnerships underscore the importance of helping our customers bring better products and experiences to market. We know that product launches are a team sport with many different departments involved throughout the product development lifecycle. Our integrations support collaboration through continuous customer learning–bridging the gap between risk and confidence–to ensure that collectively, teams can make the best decisions for their customers and their company,” said Rob Vandenberg, Global VP, Channels and Alliances at UserTesting.

As building products and creating experiences has evolved into a more collaborative effort, incorporating direct customer feedback into various team workflows has become essential. UserTesting's ConnectTech ecosystem is dedicated to enhancing confidence in decision-making by fostering a collective comprehension of the customer.

This initiative aims to streamline the integration of human insights into the working environments and processes of teams involved in experimentation, testing, prioritization, and optimization throughout the entire product development journey.

Using the UserTesting Human Insight Platform, individuals can seamlessly link their preferred tools to create a tailored insights workflow that perfectly suits their teams. The ConnectTech Program by UserTesting offers integrations with various independent software vendors.

The Program facilitates collaboration, design, and development  

Canva: Integrate highlight reels into Canva assets to share and emphasize key insights for a shared customer understanding.

Figma: Test Figma prototypes in UserTesting and embed user feedback videos directly into FigJam for centralized collaboration on crucial insights.

Miro: Embed and share customer feedback collected through UserTesting in Miro's visual workspace to infuse the voice of the customer throughout workflows and enhance customer-centric product design.

Digital optimization and analytics partnerships 

Contentsquare: Merging behavioral analytics with human insights allows organizations to understand customer online behavior comprehensively.

Quantum Metric: This digital analytics platform seamlessly combines qualitative and quantitative insights, streamlining the connection between customer needs and business outcomes by correlating UserTesting sessions with Quantum Metric session replays.

Customer relationship management 

Fuel Cycle: Companies can efficiently gather feedback from their existing Fuel Cycle insights communities and easily distribute UserTesting tests to these community members, enabling targeted feedback collection from specific audiences.

UserTesting's open APIs empower external developers, partners, and customers to enhance their experiences beyond what's available directly within the UserTesting platform. These APIs enable partners and external developers to integrate features such as importing video clips into work management tools, expanding product road mapping solutions with highlight reels, or initiating tests using predefined templates for best practices.

In addition to this program, UserTesting has introduced its certified partner program to equip digital agencies with comprehensive training, valuable resources, and cutting-edge technology to bolster their capabilities in UX research and design.