8×8 Redefines Customer Interactions with Proactive Outreach

8x8 has unveiled innovative Proactive Outreach features for its Contact Center, transforming customer service from reactive to proactive. With the integration of programmable SMS and WhatsApp capabilities directly into the 8x8 Contact Center, organizations can now seamlessly deliver personalized outbound messaging campaigns at scale.

These messages range from personalized sales offers and healthcare appointment reminders to two-way customer service interactions and real-time emergency updates.

“As customer expectations continue to shift – demanding more and more from organizations – technology vendors need to provide the products that allow organizations to effectively meet those new and changing expectations and demands. By introducing Proactive Outreach for 8x8 Contact Center, we are enabling organizations to better serve their customers through highly personalized, scalable outbound messaging, enhancing customer satisfaction and empowering contact center agents to be more productive and efficient,” said Hunter Middleton, Chief Product Officer at 8x8.

This solution opens significant possibilities in industries where proactive customer engagement is crucial. By supplying relevant information proactively, organizations can boost customer satisfaction while enabling contact center agents to focus on complex tasks rather than merely reacting to customer issues. Specific applications include tailored sales promotions, healthcare updates, two-way customer support, emergency notifications, and time-sensitive alerts.

The key benefits for 8x8 customers using Proactive Outreach include enhanced customer engagement, optimized revenue through demand generation campaigns, and the ability to measure impact with advanced reporting and analytics. The solution ensures reliable communication channels by intelligently selecting routes and automatically resending undelivered messages through alternative channels.

Proactive Outreach features 

Notify: Enables one-to-many personalized outbound messaging with direct routing, reporting, and analytics appropriate for sales promotions, reminders, and product announcements.

Interact: Combines one-to-many and two-way messaging, including Notify capabilities along with automation, API access, and inbound routing to contact center agents or bots, which is suitable for customer service, support, and real-time feedback.

Alert: Streamlines instant, mass outbound notifications using pre-made templates for sharing time-sensitive, critical information. This can be used for power outages, weather warnings, and emergencies.

In other news, 8x8 has unveiled a beta version of its product line, designed to assist organizations in delivering seamless customer engagement across the entire enterprise.