Yext Introduces Yext Chat

Yext has announced Yext Chat, a new product that enables enterprise organizations to create conversational experiences using OpenAI's GPT-3 technology.

In addition to GPT-3, Yext Chat also uses the Yext Knowledge Graph and other proprietary technology to be able to provide an accurate and natural language chat experience, allowing users to ask anything they want about a particular knowledge set.

The Yext Knowledge Graph - a content management system (CMS) that stores a company's real-world entities and their relationships - aims to optimize content for voice search, chatbots, and other sophisticated AI. By doing so, it is able to produce accurate answers to highly-contextualized questions, which is often not possible to extract from general-purpose large language models as they include little to no authoritative information about a business.

“We believe it's critical that every organization start to understand what AI can do for them. Yext is here to help. Yext Chat is a transformative product that will provide every business with world-class conversational experiences that are safe, reliable, and easy to manage. Combining large language models with our Knowledge Graph unlocks a tremendous amount of potential and opportunity for our customers. Recent innovations brought conversational AI to consumers. Yext is bringing conversational AI to the enterprise,” said Marc Ferrentino, President and Chief Operating Officer at Yext.

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Utilizing the content stored in the Knowledge Graph, Yext Chat generates accurate answers, grounded in real-world information. In cases where content is missing, Yext users can fill in the gaps by adding new data to the Knowledge Graph. This way, the chat experiences are continuously improved based on the questions asked.

According to Max Shaw, SVP of Product Management at Yext, the company built the platform to be model-agnostic to offer more flexibility to companies in their desired use cases. He said:

“With Yext, any business can immediately hit the ground running with out-of-the-box AI in Yext Chat, Yext Search, and various other aspects of our platform. We will continue to innovate on our products as new and better language models emerge, but the Knowledge Graph will always give customers the freedom to use their content with any model they want, in any way they want, regardless of what lies ahead.” 

The public release of Yext Chat is scheduled for later this year but anyone interested can join the waitlist for a closed beta.

The company has been infusing AI and large language models throughout its Answers Platform since the launch of its Search product in 2019.

In November last year, Yext released new capabilities to enable restaurant brands to customize pickup and delivery options on their Google Business Profiles.