Zenarate Elevates AI Simulation Training with Real-Time Customer Call Analytics

Zenarate has introduced Call Insights, an advanced feature within its AI Coach Call Analyzer solution, providing contact center leaders with sophisticated analytics and invaluable insights derived from customer calls.   

"With the addition of Call Insights, we are empowering contact center leaders with the tools they need to unlock actionable insights from customer calls to drive proactive and timely responses and improve the overall customer experience. Our platform team is continuously advancing the power of AI Coach to help contact center and training leaders deliver consistent superior customer experiences and performance," said Brian Tuite, co-founder and CEO of Zenarate.

Back in July last year, Zenarate secured $15 million in funding for AI-powered agent training, equipping agents with the necessary skills.

Call Insights marks a significant stride in AI Simulation Training, transforming agent development, enhancing customer service KPIs, and reshaping the landscape of agent learning and performance. Leveraging the capabilities of AI, Call Insights generates topics of interest by grouping similar phrases and utterances from customer calls. This results in a comprehensive overview of customer interactions, highlighting key areas of focus. The transformative power of Call Insights lies in its ability to convert raw data into actionable intelligence, empowering businesses to address emerging customer concerns and sentiments proactively.

Monitoring customer sentiment 

The real-time trend analysis feature allows contact center leaders to monitor customer sentiment, track topic frequency, and identify emerging issues on the same day. This view provides a nuanced understanding of the voice of the customer, allowing businesses to stay ahead in responding to evolving customer needs.

Over time, the trends and insights gathered contribute to shaping simulation training topics and skills, ensuring that agents are equipped with the latest knowledge.

By proactively surfacing relevant topics, Call Insights enables business leaders to redirect their focus towards value-creating actions and priorities, allowing them to respond effectively to customer needs and enhance overall service quality.

Zenarate's AI Coach platform, known for offering a comprehensive "flight simulator" experience for customer service agents, enables lifelike conversation, screen, and chat simulations. Agents, both new hires and experienced professionals, engage with their personal unbiased AI Coach, enhancing their confidence, soft skills, and adherence to best practices.