8×8 Unveils Cross-Organization Customer Engagement Tool

8x8 has unveiled a beta version of its product line, designed to assist organizations in delivering seamless customer engagement across the entire enterprise. The beta is available to qualified 8x8 customers.

“Organizations that excel at customer service and experiences understand that orchestrating exceptional customer journeys is an organization-wide responsibility. By introducing an innovative new product line that expands cross-organization customer engagement, 8x8 is providing organizations with intentionally engineered capabilities that empower every customer-facing employee to make the most of every interaction, leading to superior customer satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately, business success,” said Samuel Wilson, Chief Executive Officer at 8x8.

Just a few days ago, 8x8 unveiled enhancements to 8x8 XCaaS, to elevate customer and employee experiences by incorporating cutting-edge features across various aspects of the platform.  

This innovative offering effectively bridges the gap between Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), revolutionizing the accessibility, utilization, and contextualization of customer interaction data across the organization. The goal is to streamline smarter decision-making by providing powerful and predictive insights at various touchpoints. 8x8's approach involves incorporating both native and third-party data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, and integrating platform-level contact center components into purpose-built interfaces for customer experience professionals beyond the traditional contact center.

8x8's focus extends beyond contact center staff to include employees who, as functional experts, frequently interact with customers. Despite their critical role in customer engagement and ensuring successful outcomes, this user base has often lacked the appropriate tools and capabilities for delivering consistent and positive customer experiences. 8x8's new product line aims to address this gap, equipping employees with the right-fit tools to elevate customer interactions across the entire organization.