Zoho’s Latest Upgrades Redefine Business Efficiency

Zoho has announced significant investments across its entire range of products to build on its recent success in the mid-market and enterprise sectors, where it has achieved a 65% compound annual growth rate over the past three years.

"Across our products, Zoho aims to be the most seamless enterprise software vendor in the market by focusing on extensibility, usability, packaging, and go-to-market solutions. Today's announcement serves as a testament to that goal, helping our customers adopt more of our software, add new capabilities, extend our platform to suit their granular workflows, and to be prepared for the future. Whether customers buy our software for one department or the entire organization, one workflow, or a collection of customer journeys, the experience with Zoho will be far simpler than with any other large vendor," said Sridhar Vembu, CEO, Zoho Corporation.

The company's investments will be focused on expanding its go-to-market services, developing new products, improving platform extensibility, enhancing AI capabilities, and strengthening privacy and security features.

Market Investments 

Zoho's Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) offers expertise in various areas, such as solutions engineering, implementation, and customer success, to large organizations. EBS serves several global customers from different verticals like financial services, automotive, manufacturing, and aviation.

Zoho has sustained its business growth and commitment during the pandemic through an expansion strategy at the regional level. In the past year, Zoho has opened new regional offices globally to enhance account management capabilities and better align with the objectives of large organizations.

The company has also expanded its payment options to over 15 currencies worldwide to support enterprise organizations' global procurement efforts, enabling customers to pay Zoho in multiple currencies through multi-currency invoicing.

New applications and improvements

Zoho Contracts is a contract lifecycle management software that provides a secure platform for centralized contract authoring, approval, negotiation, and signature, helping mitigate business risk and improve governance by offering complete visibility of the contracting process. Zoho Contracts is powered by Zia, a powerful AI engine that automates workflows and sends reminders to ensure the timely completion of tasks. With Zoho Contracts, large organizations can streamline their contracting process, drive new business, and promote growth.

Zoho has integrated its data transformation software, Zoho DataPrep, with Zoho CRM to make it easier for users to clean, format, and transform customer data directly within their CRM system, enabling users to easily remove duplicates, validate data, and streamline data migration from third-party CRM systems.

Security and privacy updates

Zoho's new application OneAuth is a multi-factor authentication tool designed to provide secure access to user accounts across different devices. OneAuth's features, such as Smart SignIn and Passkey Support, help automate the login process and enable users to access their accounts from any device, ensuring the highest level of privacy and security while providing simple access to authorized users.

Zoho Directory is a secure platform for managing the identity and access of a workforce, supporting over 250 pre-built integrations and serving enterprises like Disney, AT&T, and Sony, with over 100 million users from Zoho and ManageEngine.

Zoho has developed a web browser - Ulaa - which prioritizes user privacy by blocking tracking and website surveillance. The browser provides customization options for privacy settings, user profiles, and productivity tools while keeping user data secure. Ulaa also allows users to sync their browsing sessions between devices seamlessly. This browser is a part of Zoho's ongoing commitment to protecting user privacy and keeping their personal information safe from surveillance companies.

AI investments 

Zoho is investing in its AI strategy and has launched ChatGPT for Zoho, which combines the power of OpenAI's external generative AI software with Zia. This integration connects public information and intelligence with private data, allowing businesses to gain insights and automate actions based on a comprehensive view of the market.

The company has launched ChatGPT for Zoho, a generative AI software that combines the feature of OpenAI with Zia and can be accessed through various Zoho applications like Desk, Social, Writer, Mail, Assist, SalesIQ, and Landing Pages. With the help of this integration, users can create content easily using the conversational AI model. Zoho plans to expand its capabilities to include other models such as image creation, translation, and speech-to-text.

Zoho's AI engine, Zia, has significantly expanded its capabilities, providing large organizations with a wide range of features such as conversational AI through Ask Zia, intelligent report analysis, sales predictions, prescriptive actions, grammar and translation services, anomaly detection, and unified search. These features are designed to enhance productivity, efficiency, and privacy for medium-sized and enterprise businesses.