Authenticx Strengthens Automation Capabilities with New Release

Authenticx has released a new autoscoring tool to automate data analysis and provide customer interaction scores using best-practice criteria for the healthcare industry.

The autoscoring tool audits interactions using industry-specific criteria and evaluations designed for healthcare which enables organizations to evaluate interactions based on quality, brand and agent performance. Further, the tool uncovers coaching opportunities through an extensive, representative set of data and interactions.

The tool also pinpoints areas for improvement, enabling organizations to focus on initiatives that optimize team performance for growth while upholding compliance standards.

Large healthcare organizations often struggle with analyzing a considerable number of calls, partly due to not having proper solutions in place to meet the increasing demand. Authenticx autoscoring tool leverages machine learning to help with auditing every agent interaction, tracking if the listening goals are met and providing greater visibility into overall team performance. On top of this, the tool generates valuable brand insights.

"The current economic instability has driven healthcare organizations to cut costs and assess operational constraints. Automation helps healthcare leaders enhance efficiencies and protect the bottom line. Customer service, operations and quality assurance teams also benefit from using automation to listen at scale to large volumes of unstructured data and identify areas of improvement for enhancing customer experiences," said Amy Brown, CEO of Authenticx.

According to Authenticx's recent report, healthcare organizations spend over $700k annually to resolve customer disruptions. One of the causes of disruptions is the failure to receive anticipated information or status updates via calls or email. By scoring and analyzing each customer interaction, healthcare organizations can improve training, positively influencing the interaction outcomes well before a deeper issue arises.