Forsta Introduces Advanced Visualization and Data Storytelling Tool

Forsta has released Forsta Studio Canvas, an advanced visualization and data storytelling solution within the Forsta Human Experience (HX) platform. This solution is part of the self-serve offering for CX & EX professionals that couples relevant data with relatable imagery to illustrate the customer and employee journeys.

“The ability to tell clear visual stories with data equips CX professionals to bring customers further into the organization and better rally their organizations around shared goals. By presenting key insights, patterns, and trends in an accessible way, they can cut through siloes to encourage collaborative activation that creates change. But according to a Forrester report, 4 in 5 CX teams will lack the critical design, data, and journey skills to do this,” said Giles Whiting, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director at Forsta.

Studio Canvas allows CX professionals to transform their raw data and statistics into visually appealing reports rather than bar graphs, pie charts, and data tables.

Through these compelling reports, users can identify patterns and trends, as well as update live based on real-time data. According to Forsta, Studio Canvas lets you 'close the gap between analytics and emotions' by using exciting visual elements and a compelling narrative.

"Studio Canvas makes it possible for any CX professional to create high quality, dynamic data visualizations that can be easily recognized and engaged with by the entire enterprise. As a result, CX teams can spend less time designing insights and more time sharing them. Data visualizations become the driving force behind collective ownership of CX improvement that the entire organization can share in and get excited about," added Whiting.

As part of its platform, Forsta has recently unveiled Forsta Discussions, a comprehensive qualitative research tool that enables users to design, manage, and track video focus groups.