Flowcode and Vonage Partner on New Customer Communication Tool  

Vonage has teamed up with Flowcode, a direct-to-consumer platform, to introduce the latest customer communication tool - Flowconnect - which utilizes Vonage APIs. This tool instantly engages consumers with brands, small businesses, and service providers, combining live chat functionality with Flowcode's advanced QR technology.

Flowconnect allows consumers to scan a QR code, kickstarting instant interactions with a customer service team. This improves the overall customer experience by bypassing the usual steps of directing customers to a landing page or a call center, effectively streamlining the customer journey and improving the user experience for Flowcode customers.

"We wanted to bring to market a new solution that can transform customer interaction and service. Vonage worked with us to optimize our launch, deliver the right communication APIs to help us execute our vision for Flowconnect, and ultimately deliver a better journey to our customers," said Jake Gidney, Innovation and R&D, Flowcode.

The Flowconnect solution incorporates three Vonage APIs - Meetings, SMS, and Voice, to create fresh possibilities across the various industries that Flowcode currently serves.

"Vonage is delighted to work with Flowcode to expand their client base for Flowconnect, and enable direct communication for Flowcode's customers, empowering them to land directly into the conversation with the experience they ultimately are seeking, quickly and efficiently," said Vikram Khandpur, Senior Vice President CPaaS Products and Developer Experience, Vonage.

Vonage APIs enable businesses to enhance their connections and conversations and foster deeper customer engagement. By integrating Vonage APIs, Flowcode can seamlessly incorporate communication features directly into their current applications. This results in a more adaptable communication experience, heightened customer satisfaction and boosted sales for Flowcode.

In September, Vonage introduced Vonage Conversations for Salesforce, a versatile omnichannel messaging application driven by the Vonage Communications Platform.