ZoomInfo to Integrate GPT Into Its Platform

ZoomInfo has announced that it will integrate GPT technology into its platform. With this move, the company aims to transform the way sales and marketing teams find and connect with their ideal customers, lowering prospecting time and driving more efficient results.

“The software world is abuzz over what the future of products like ChatGPT can bring, and we’re thrilled to invent the future of go-to-market with generative AI. When this integration is complete, our customers will be able to use GPT to shorten cold emails, isolate a call to action from a sales call, and much more,” said Henry Schuck, Founder and CEO of ZoomInfo.

ZoomInfo’s teams of data scientists and engineers are working to integrate GPT throughout ZoomInfo’s GTM platform. The plan is to allow users to tell the platform in a few lines what they are looking for and watch as it provides insights relevant to their needs, at the right time.

The company expects that Generative AI, combined with ZoomInfo’s trusted data, will deliver real-time insights and recommendations on who and when to engage with, and what to say.

ZoomInfo has already incorporated GPT into its GTM plays and plans to use it to power advanced features such as suggested contacts and automation across engagement channels.

GPT takes the customer service industry by storm

ZoomInfo joins a growing number of companies that have integrated GPT technology into their solutions. NICE, LivePerson, and Intercom have added GPT and Generative AI to their platforms to improve efficiency, the quality of service and overall customer experience. One of the more interesting use cases of Generative AI is voice artificial intelligence vendor SoundHound AI which has implemented this technology into its new solution Dynamic Interaction to enable users to interact with their devices hands-free and without wake words.