3CLogic Expands its Offering with SAP Service Cloud Integration

Cloud contact center technology provider 3CLogic has launched an integration with SAP’s new intelligent Service Cloud.

Available beginning November 2022, the integration will enhance the 3CLogic solution through integrated SAP Service Cloud Agent CTI, Voice and SMS Automated Workflows, SAP Intelligent Call Routing, and SAP Call Reporting and AI-powered Analytics.

Integrated SAP Service Cloud Agent CTI enables agents to manage voice and SMS interactions in one unified desktop armed with screen-pops, click-to-call or click-to-SMS, and automated activity postings.

SAP Integrated Voice and SMS Automated Workflows contain integrated text-to-speech, speech-to-text, natural language processing, one-way & two-way SMS, and dynamic IVR call workflows that help manage intelligent self-service customer experiences and deliver answers to common requests quickly.

SAP Intelligent Call Routing routes customers to the most qualified customer service agent via phone or SMS based on contextual data from across the entire business.

To enhance quality assurance processes, Integrated SAP Call Reporting and AI-powered Analytics provide rich interaction data, call transcripts and machine learning-based sentiment scoring.

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The integration also allows businesses to continue using existing on-premise legacy platforms such as Cisco or Avaya, with 3CLogic's hybrid cloud deployment option. Alternatively, customers can choose a complete cloud-hosted solution supported by globally distributed cloud data centers and telecoms carriers.

“We are very excited to start this journey with SAP. Our solution is designed to be an engagement layer deeply integrated with major CRM and customer service platforms. The strategy has proven to deliver superior ROI and CX outcomes compared to the traditionally separate omni-channel stack approach, as it enables enterprise organizations to consolidate their operations and customer experience workflows around their primary system of record,” said Denis Seynhaeve, CEO at 3CLogic.

3CLogic continues its global success by providing similar offerings for companies like ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce.