Ada Now Leverages OpenAI for AI-Powered Customer Service

Ada has announced that it is now using technology from OpenAI, the AI research and deployment company behind the groundbreaking ChatGPT application.

The use of OpenAI's technology will provide a significant boost to Ada's conversational AI platform, enabling developers to build solutions that can automatically resolve more complex interactions.

Ada has already been using large language models to automate billions of customer interactions over the past year.

"The world changed with the launch of ChatGPT and the opportunity for enterprises can't be overstated. We're going all in on using large language models to empower brands to deliver a customer experience that is far more contextual and intelligent. This approach fosters trust while enabling companies to automate more resolutions for their customers as effortlessly and efficiently as possible," said Ada Co-Founder and CEO Mike Murchison.

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Ada is currently using GPT-3 to automate the training of customer intents while experimenting with generative AI to augment conversational insights provided to bot builders and live agents.

An LLM-powered bot is capable of generating a summary of what the customer and the bot previously discussed, sharing valuable context with the human agent while saving the customer from having to repeat themselves, all before handling the customer to the agent.

Customer service applications built upon these models help businesses better understand their customers by rephrasing questions and augmenting the conversation with more context, allowing them to resolve their issues faster and more efficiently.

"We're excited to support Ada to imagine, design and power an AI-first approach to customer service. With OpenAI, Ada will enable the world's best brands to provide a very differentiated support experience," said Yaniv Markovski, Head of Support at OpenAI.