Adobe Reveals Acrobat AI Assistant to Enhance Enterprise Workplace Productivity

Adobe has launched Acrobat AI Assistant for enterprise customers, which is available as an add-on subscription for Reader and Acrobat users on desktop, web, and mobile platforms. This AI-powered assistant integrates seamlessly into Acrobat workflows, offering a conversational interface driven by generative AI. It assists users in generating insights, creating content, and navigating lengthy documents efficiently.

“For more than three decades, PDFs and Adobe Acrobat have been a cornerstone of communication and collaboration in the enterprise and with generative AI, we’re redefining productivity for every single employee. Acrobat AI Assistant dramatically reduces time spent reading and searching for information, enabling employees to develop insights faster and slash the time they spend creating content,” said Abhigyan Modi, Senior Vice President, Adobe Document Cloud.

Not too long ago, Adobe unveiled cutting-edge AI innovations to transform creative processes and enterprise content distribution networks.

Helping users work smarter and faster  

The AI Assistant streamlines conversational interactions with various document types, such as PDFs, Word, and PowerPoint files, providing recommendations and answers based on document content. In addition, it offers features like Generative Summary for quick document overviews, Intelligent Citations to verify sources, and Easy Navigation with clickable links for swift information retrieval.

Acrobat AI Assistant enables knowledge workers across different roles and industries to optimize their document-related tasks, saving time and enhancing productivity. For instance, marketing teams can extract insights from industry reports, sales teams can expedite RFP responses, and legal teams can effectively summarize pending regulations.

Built on Adobe's trusted platform, Acrobat AI Assistant prioritizes data security and privacy. It ensures companies maintain control over their information and utilizes robust AI governance processes. It also offers admin-level controls for user access and adheres to strict data security protocols.

Additionally, Adobe emphasizes responsible AI practices, incorporating attributions in AI-generated responses and encouraging users to verify information sources. By leveraging Acrobat AI Assistant, users commit to responsible usage and contribute to a collaborative AI ecosystem.

In other news, Adobe's Firefly, a family of creative, generative AI models, has reached global heights, as it now supports prompts in over 100 languages.