Alorica Unveils a Digital Hub to Help its Customers Realize Potential

Alorica has introduced Alorica IQ, a digital hub that incorporates technology across all its services and customer interactions. By combining digital solutions, analytics, and consulting, Alorica IQ enables businesses to gain deep insights into their customers' preferences, reasons for contacting support, and areas of frustration across various channels and processes.

With the introduction of Alorica IQ, the company aims to provide a dedicated team of partner managers who will streamline the complex market landscape for clients. Alorica IQ specializes in efficiently integrating technology into clients' current infrastructure and aligning with their service delivery goals, ensuring a smooth and speedy implementation process.

“Through Alorica IQ, we identify and quantify consumer behavioral insights, ensuring that our clients’ CX strategies and customer journeys are aligned with their brand’s strategic roadmap and desired outcomes. It comes down to having the right partners and technologies to help our clients personalize customer interactions, drive efficiencies, improve self-service or co-production tools, as well as increase satisfaction and brand loyalty,” stated Mike Clifton, Chief Growth and Transformation Officer at Alorica.

Alorica IQ Capabilities    

Through CX consulting and design thinking, Alorica IQ helps clients identify their mission, pain points, and transformation goals, all through a range of innovative techniques, such as Alorica's Discovery Bot named Otto.

Leveraging AI-enabled interaction analytics, Alorica IQ employs advanced techniques such as predictive modeling and data mining to uncover valuable patterns and trends, enabling clients to make informed decisions and drive meaningful improvements in their operations.

Alorica IQ specializes in engagement optimization, which involves optimizing customer interactions through the most effective channels by offering solutions like Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) and Alorica Clear, a cutting-edge technology that instantly mitigates accents in real-time.

In addition, Alorica IQ leverages AI/ML and automation to automate processes, leading to improved accuracy and efficiency. It provides AI-powered agent assist tools and chatbots, including Alorica's Virtual Assistant (AVA).

As part of the offerings, Alorica IQ focuses on emerging technologies by nurturing and integrating new digital solutions. This includes leveraging technologies such as Large Language Models (like ChatGPT) and digital humans and exploring the potential of the Metaverse.

“Alorica IQ creates a customized digital path that overlays our clients’ priorities and pain points to positively impact their customer engagement, regardless of their existing tech stack. As a global CX leader, we have made a significant investment in Alorica IQ and we are excited to bring to market the latest developments from some of our early pilots in partnership with leading experts in this space, such as Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and CallMiner,” said Harry Folloder, Chief Digital Officer, Alorica.