Microsoft Integrates Infobip’s SMS Channels into its Marketing Platform

Infobip has expanded its partnership with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to assist businesses in engaging customers through their preferred channels and maximizing the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. As part of this collaboration, Microsoft has integrated Infobip's SMS channels into its marketing platform. This integration enables Dynamics 365 users to send and receive text messages in real-time, enhancing their marketing efforts.

“We’re helping enterprises meet their customers where they are and benefit from better customer loyalty and higher sales. I also want to reinforce all we have accomplished in concert with Microsoft where we are active players on both Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft Appsource, and as a Microsoft partner, we’ve now integrated our chatbot building platform Answers on Azure, provided WhatsApp for Business through Microsoft Bot Framework Composer and integrated SMS and WhatsApp solutions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. This further integration demonstrates how we are the one communication platform for every platform,” said Veselin Vuković, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Infobip.

In response to the growing demand from customers to interact with businesses through their preferred communication channels, delivering real-time marketing promotions and campaigns using popular channels like SMS is a must. Infobip has thus integrated its SMS capabilities directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365, empowering marketing teams within enterprises to create real-time marketing campaigns that engage customers through text messages.

The integration between Infobip and Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows businesses to react to customer actions promptly, send highly customized messages, and establish connections through the channels that customers prefer.

Further, this integration can be accessed globally through the real-time marketing module in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

“Infobip adds value to Microsoft 365 Dynamics Marketing with its omnichannel communications solutions. Now, through our SMS integration with Infobip, businesses and brands using our platform can build and deliver real-time customer experiences including marketing campaigns over SMS, helping meet their customers where they are most likely to engage,” said Jim Nakashima, Head of Product Management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Infobip has recently introduced a new feature - Call Link - which enables businesses to provide live video support to their customers by helping those with a high volume of customer interactions address their queries more efficiently and reduce customer wait times.