AWS and Twilio Reunite over Predictive AI

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Twilio have extended their longstanding partnership to bring powerful artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to Twilio customers.

This news comes on the heels of the recent announcement of Twilio CustomerAI, which combines customer engagement platform data, generative and predictive AI, and large language models (LLMs) for stronger customer relationships.

The two companies are placing a strong emphasis on implementing predictive AI technology, with a particular focus on combining Amazon SageMaker technology and Twilio Segment's Customer Data Platform. The upcoming features promise a better understanding of customers and more relevant, timely, and personalized experiences that add greater value. Marketers and data scientists will soon have easy access to new machine learning-powered tools that can intelligently anticipate future customer actions, providing valuable insights to inform product and marketing strategies.

“At AWS Summit New York, we’re delving into the innovative ways companies are leveraging the power of AWS to revolutionize industries. In particular, we’re excited to hear from customers and partners at the forefront of AI innovation, which is certainly where Twilio is playing in the customer engagement space. It’s great to see Twilio and our portfolio of AI/ML services working together to help businesses meet customers where they are, improve engagement, and deliver highly personalized experiences,” said Shaown Nandi, Director of Technology, Industries at AWS.

According to the announcement, AI will have the capability to predict a customer's likelihood of making a new purchase with remarkable accuracy. It can also identify 'VIP' customers who deserve prioritization and rewards through loyalty-focused campaigns, among other valuable applications.

"Our vision for Twilio CustomerAI is to empower businesses to recreate the types of trusted relationships you have with a local business at digital scale. It’s clear to me that Twilio has the strongest dataset of customer engagement interactions and the platform to make this happen. With AWS' predictive AI technologies, we are rapidly developing AI-native features and APIs. We believe our tools will change the way marketers, contact centers, developers, and data teams deliver these world class customer experiences. Join us at our conference, SIGNAL, in August to learn more,” said Alex Millet, Senior Director of Product at Twilio.

AWS and Twilio have an extensive history of working together to bring value to respective and shared customers. The collaboration includes Twilio Segment's established position as an AWS Marketplace partner and deep product integration, which involves leveraging Twilio's Programmable APIs and connecting Segment with over six AWS products.