Technology Plays a Role in Restaurant Experience for Almost 80 Percent of Consumers

Cloud software provider for the restaurant industry HungerRush has unveiled new insights from its inaugural report, The RushReport: The 2023 Restaurant Consumer Experience Report. The report offers an in-depth look into consumer restaurant trends in the last couple of years.

Because of the economic instability over the last two years, both consumers and restaurants have tightened their belts when it comes to budgets and flexibility in eating out. Currently, consumers are opting for quick service restaurants, options closer to home, or even not eating out at all, often out of convenience or because of high prices.

“While restaurateurs cannot control every factor in this changing landscape, there are notable ways in which they can address and improve operations to elevate the guest experience and stand out in today’s competitive and ever-changing market. Our new RushReport gives guidance to restaurant owners on how consumers expect to interact with restaurants in the future. From initial search and discovery, through the ordering and post-meal engagement, consumers want a seamless and personalized experience catered to their individual needs. This connected restaurant experience is critical to success for today’s restaurants and right at the center of our strategy as a technology partner to them,” said Perry Turbes, CEO of HungerRush.

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Notable findings show that:

  • Consumers insist on technology from their favorite restaurants: In the last couple of years, digital dining has become one of the most popular trends, so much so that 79% of consumers expect to use some kind of technology to order at restaurants. In addition, consumers expect a seamless ordering experience, especially with all the technological possibilities powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • An online presence isn’t enough: Maintaining a strong digital footprint and multichannel strategies is crucial for restaurants to thrive. Statistics show that 60% of Americans who eat out say they first look at Yelp or Google reviews before they make a decision, while 85% said it is important for them to be able to find reviews and information about restaurants online easily. That highlights the need for a strong digital footprint across multiple channels and that having content like reviews, photos, and menus can be crucial for restaurant success.

  • Inflation and gas prices put the brakes on eating out: Inflation caused 50% of Americans to eat out less frequently, while 44% are going for more affordable options such as fast-casual or to-go options. Higher gas prices made 44% of consumers choose restaurants closer to their homes. Also, because 62% of consumers prefer restaurants to provide personalized communications tailored to them, restaurant operators can leverage local promotions to their advantage.

  • Staff shortages are evident: 50% of Americans who eat out have stopped visiting certain restaurants because they are understaffed, while 82% who eat out or order takeout say that restaurants need to deal with labor shortages more adequately. Additionally, 80% of consumers say that using the right technology can help restaurants with efficiency and staff shortages.

About HungerRush

Founded in 2003, HungerRush is a cloud software provider for the restaurant industry. HungerRush 360 is a cloud-based POS system that helps connect restaurants and customers, and it integrates digital ordering, delivery, customer engagement, restaurant management, and payment processing features. The company may help operators of different sizes gain more insight into their customers and have more control over their operations.