Balto Releases Real-Time Notetaker to Boost Agent Productivity

Balto has introduced Real-Time Notetaker, a new feature designed to enhance agent productivity and effectiveness.

Real-Time Notetaker leverages AI to automatically summarize conversations between contact center agents and customers. The tool operates by analyzing real-time transcripts of the conversation and generating comprehensive call notes that agents can save to their CRM system with a single click,  as well as reduce the amount of post-call work.

"No one is surprised by the introduction of this technology. This was a natural evolution of using A.I. to create new efficiencies in the contact center. The real news here is that Balto - the company that has dedicated the most resources to enhancing the agent experience -is taking this step to help agents complete their heavy workloads faster and with less headache," said Marc Bernstein, CEO and founder, Balto.

Balto's Real-Time Notetaker is available as a standalone product and part of the Balto Real-Time Guidance platform. The company offers the feature free of cost to its entire customer base for the first six months, after which it will charge $7 per user per month.

"Balto was the first to introduce a serious real-time guidance application to the contact center in 2017. Now, we're doubling down on how we adopt new technologies to empower the modern call center workforce. Real-Time Notetaker will keep agents' focus on doing what they're best at-delivering an exceptional experience to their customers-not filling out notes," said Kyle Jones, VP of Product, Balto.

Not too long ago, Balto introduced a new capability called Beacon to help agents with tested and crowd-sourced real-time recommendations.