Bloomreach Engagement Enhances Customer Understanding with Gorgias Integration

Bloomreach has announced that businesses utilizing Bloomreach Engagement can now integrate their services with Gorgias, a helpdesk platform focused on streamlining customer support operations. Gorgias provides valuable customer experience data, allowing Engagement users to gain a deeper understanding of the customer journey. This integration aims to enhance conversion rates and customer satisfaction by ensuring a seamless and positive customer experience from start to finish.

"Bloomreach Engagement's integration with Gorgias allows marketers to better leverage insights from a vital aspect of the customer journey — customer support. We look forward to seeing how our Engagement users will leverage Gorgias to gain deeper customer insights, enhance their communications, and unlock continued value through the integration of help desk functionalities into their campaign strategies," said Michal Novovesky, General Manager and Head of Product at Bloomreach Engagement.

When customers face issues like order delays, loss, or damage, it becomes a critical moment for marketers to maintain a positive customer relationship by effectively communicating and providing necessary information. A generic "thank you for your purchase" email may not be sufficient and can result in lost revenue. The integration of Bloomreach Engagement with Gorgias offers marketers using Engagement a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of a purchase. With Gorgias, marketers can refine their personalization efforts and create more customized campaigns that address specific customer needs and concerns.

Gorgias boosts all marketing strategies focused on personalization. Its integration allows marketers to easily identify dissatisfied customers, adapt their communication approach, enhance personalized experiences for loyal customers, and even win back customers who have had negative experiences in the past. By leveraging Gorgias, Engagement users gain valuable insights that contribute to both business growth and increased revenue.

Not too long ago, Bloomreach introduced a new mobile messaging feature - App Inbox - through its product Bloomreach Engagement.