and Lydonia Join Forces

Cloud-based conversational artificial intelligence provider has joined forces with Lydonia Technologies, the provider of Intelligent Automation software and solutions.

The movie will see Lydonia Technologies offering its customers a powerful conversational AI chatbot powered by while integrating the tech alongside existing employee-facing automation.

Lydonia brings expertise in intelligent automation and enables customers to automate processes end-to-end across their organizations. The partnership with will enable Lydonia to incorporate self-service capabilities into its portfolio, fully merging the employee and customer experience into one solution.

"Our customers have confidence in Lydonia's proven ability to deliver industry-leading automation solutions with demonstrable short-term ROI. Our partnership with allows us to uplevel the customer and employee experience through the power of conversational AI coupled with Intelligent Automation. We are excited to continue enabling our customers' superior business results through our partnership with," said Kevin Scannell, Founder & CEO, Lydonia Technologies.'s Conversational AI will empower RPA by giving it a multilingual voice that understands dynamic, open-text conversation. Further, the virtual agent can talk to the end user, whether it's an internal employee or external customer, and collect relevant information and documents to eventually trigger robots to streamline any process through attended or unattended automation.

"In today's online world, customers are always looking for convenient and efficient ways to interact with brands. Lydonia has already mastered automation on the employee side, and we're excited to extend our technology so that the customers can experience that same level of convenience. We're giving Lydonia the right tools, and they're using their expertise to create the ultimate employee and customer experience," said Jerry Haywood, CEO of

Being a UiPath Premier Alliance partner, offers virtual agents that provide immediate, always-available assistance via an easy-to-use chat interface.