CallMiner Ramps Up its AI Offering with Two New Capabilities

Conversation intelligence vendor CallMiner has revealed two new AI-driven capabilities that improve redaction and automate summarization. The features contribute to heightened operational efficiency, reduced risk, and improved agent satisfaction, all the while driving a positive customer experience.

“AI is receiving significant attention recently. CallMiner’s latest updates build on the AI-based technology that already exists in our platform, strengthening our ability to drive value for organizations. Our new AI redaction and AI summarization features address common challenges our customers face, such as helping agents focus on more high-value tasks, and strategically leverage CallMiner’s native models and data science prowess to reduce time to value,” said Bruce McMahon, VP of Product Management, CallMiner.

As more and more customer conversations take place online, they often contain valuable insights into customer behaviors and preferences that should not be ignored. In addition, these conversations also carry sensitive data like Payment Card Industry (PCI) information or Protected Health Information (PHI) that is subject to cyberattacks and data breaches.

To handle digital customer interactions properly, organizations are looking for solutions that will enable them to surface insights while reducing manual after-call work for agents, ultimately saving time. The new features from CallMiner do exactly that - they leverage AI to mass-redact and protect conversation data.

AI redaction uses Named Entity Recognition (NER) and machine learning (ML) trained on millions of conversations to ensure that both voice and text-based records are protected and compliant with security standards such as PCI, PHI, and PII. The feature is more precise than traditional pattern-matching and reduces the chance of over-redaction or mis-redaction.

CallMiner's AI summarization uses generative large language models (LLMs) to condense voice and text-based interactions into short snippets and surface unknown insights. This, in turn, reduces after-call work for agents, improving agent satisfaction and increasing summarization quality. For more complete interaction insights, the feature enables organizations to include AI-generated summaries alongside topic-based summaries.

“The latest platform updates strengthen our position as the industry leader in conversation intelligence. I’m confident in our strategic application of AI to drive systemic and transformational change for our customers,” said Paul Bernard, President and CEO, CallMiner.