CallMiner Releases Host of New Capabilities to Supercharge CX

CallMiner has unveiled new and improved features, including an in-platform conversational assistance help bot and omnichannel AI-based contact summarization.

As per CallMiner's latest 2023 CX Landscape Report, most organizations plan to invest in AI solutions within the next year. However, 44% of customer experience (CX) and contact center leaders expressed uncertainty about which AI technology would most effectively fulfill their business requirements for CX.

“Given the massive scale of structured and unstructured data that many organizations are collecting and analyzing via their customer service centers and other sources, AI-powered technologies offer a wide range of potential benefits. CallMiner’s recent platform enhancements are focused on meeting specific organizational needs and challenges, and ultimately delivering meaningful outcomes and transformational results for our customers,” said Jeff Gallino, CEO and co-founder, CallMiner.

Advanced search capabilities 

The CallMiner platform has introduced enhanced advanced search capabilities, specifically through semantic search. This feature allows users to conduct searches using natural language, retrieving results where identical or similar language appears in various customer interactions across channels. Such advancement automatically recognizes alternative expressions of the same sentiment, providing users with high accuracy in understanding meaning and intent.

Similar to the CallMiner Illuminate, which helps users identify contextual synonyms for words, semantic search utilizes recent advancements in AI and computing. By leveraging OpenAI, CallMiner aims to enhance the platform's user-friendliness, enabling individuals without technical expertise to uncover relevant insights within customer interactions.

Extending agent guidance capabilities 

The company has expanded its agent guidance capabilities within the CallMiner RealTime platform, enabling real-time agent guidance for chat interactions, and complementing the existing capabilities for voice interactions. The AI-enabled updates allow users to create alerts and offer agents contextual guidance across multiple chat sessions, with the flexibility to assign different alerts based on the interaction channel.

Boosting CallMiner Coach 

CallMiner Coach has been enhanced with dashboards, modules, and reporting capabilities, bringing a modernized and user-friendly interface to CallMiner's leading agent coaching product. Designed to provide in-depth analytical insights into agent performance, these updates optimize filtering capabilities, including improved search functionality, making it simpler for users to locate valuable information within customer interactions and initiate actions for performance improvements.

Moreover, supervisors now have the flexibility to configure CallMiner Coach to showcase and explore contact center and performance metrics that are most relevant to their organizations. This includes leveraging machine learning capabilities to display agents' performance since their last coaching interaction, identifying specific areas for coaching, and suggesting effective coaching strategies for individual agents.

CallMiner Analyze updates

CallMiner Analyze has introduced updated reporting dashboards to enhance enterprise-wide visibility. These improvements in reporting capabilities provide users with more options and simplify the identification and response to trends. Users can now create multiple dashboards tailored to specific roles and needs, with the ability to edit, duplicate, and share these dashboards. This allows organizations to efficiently share insights from the contact center across various departments, such as sales, marketing, and finance.

The enhanced reporting features, in conjunction with the previously introduced notifications feature, contribute to fostering a culture of continual performance improvement within organizations. Users can generate and send customized notifications, ensuring that crucial information reaches the relevant stakeholders in a timely manner. This includes triggering notifications based on AI-driven categories, data trends, and deviations from baseline numbers.