Ada Elevates AI Agent Performance with Innovative Coaching Tools

Ada has unveiled a suite of AI management and coaching tools designed to enhance the capabilities of its AI Agent, aiming to achieve a 100% automated resolution rate for businesses.

In November 2023, Ada introduced its AI Agent for customer service, powered by the Ada Reasoning Engine. This innovation has enabled businesses to achieve over 70% resolution of support interactions without human intervention. Ada’s AI Agent is proving to be highly efficient, performing the work of more than ten human agents at a fraction of the cost.

Designed for seamless integration into customer service teams, the AI Agent begins resolving inquiries immediately upon deployment. The newly launched AI coaching and management tools will enhance its performance, delivering exceptional customer experiences.

 “Chatbots — even those powered by ChatGPT — are stuck in the past. As an AI-native company, we’ve witnessed this transformation firsthand. Ada’s AI Agent is the future of customer service. We’ve made onboarding, measuring and coaching the AI Agent for customer service as familiar and intuitive as managing a human. The new set of capabilities unveiled in our Spring Product Launch level up Ada’s skillset even further and help businesses expand across customer service channels, with better coaching functionality and increased trust in its performance and autonomy,” said Mike Gozzo, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Ada.

Enhanced skills development   

Ada’s AI Agent quickly gets up to speed by learning from the same resources used by human agents, connecting to web pages and help centers with a single click, even in multiple languages, to automatically handle support inquiries. The AI Agent's ability to integrate with various business tools means it can take actions across different systems. It will assist customers using any business system without requiring code or APIs and leverage machine vision to navigate apps like a human agent.

Improved trust and reliability   

Ensuring compliance is crucial for delivering safe, reliable, and accurate automated conversations. Enhancements to the company's Reasoning Engine enable businesses to describe processes for complex inquiries more easily, avoiding the need for complex scripts. New tools for testing and coaching provide AI managers with insights into the AI's operations, allowing continuous improvement and better control.

Cross-channel coverage   

With improved skills and trust, Ada can be deployed across all customer communication channels. New email automation capabilities and enhanced voice communication features make Ada the first AI Agent capable of supporting AI-driven conversations on all channels, including in-app, social media, chat, ticketing, email, phone, and SMS, and across various languages and regions.

In other news, Ada and Clearcover have joined forces to introduce a new generative AI solution for customer service.