ShiftPixy to Leverage ChatGPT for Streamlined Recruiting and Staffing Process

Staffing platform ShiftPixy has revealed its plans to incorporate OpenAI's language model, ChatGPT, into its platform. This integration aims to simplify the process of recruiting and matching job opportunities with potential employees, thereby "revolutionizing" the way the company hires and retains its national workforce.

By integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT into its platform, ShiftPixy aims to utilize ChatGPT's sophisticated language processing capabilities to quickly analyze candidate data, job descriptions, and worker experience. This will allow ShiftPixy to match the most suitable candidates for open positions faster and more efficiently in real-time.

“Integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT will be a significant milestone for us. Our early work with AI was applied to worker and open shift matching but now OpenAI has created an opportunity beyond just matching to streamline our ‘Fast Fill’ technology, eliminating the process friction of putting people to work faster. We are excited about the possibilities that this integration presents and believe that this will be a game-changer for the staffing industry. ShiftPixy's platform on its own has been a powerful pivot in staffing industry technology, and this integration of OpenAI's ChatGPT will take it to the next level. The company's national staffing clients can expect faster fill rates and better worker engagement, leading to better outcomes for all stakeholders,” said Scott Absher, Co-Founder and CEO of ShiftPixy.

In addition to its staffing platform, ShiftPixy Labs plans to leverage OpenAI to improve its digital brands. Using ChatGPT will enhance the company's ability to understand and respond to customer queries, feedback, and preferences, resulting in better customer satisfaction and retention rates for their digital food ordering and customer engagement services.

Further, ShiftPixy has been testing the integration of OpenAI with its national clients to improve productivity and customer retention. Having seen promising results from the beta testing, the company intends to incorporate it into its proprietary staffing platform.

 About ShiftPixy 

Founded in 2015, ShiftPixy provides innovative solutions for managing shift-based employees in the Gig Economy. The platform helps businesses comply with regulatory requirements, reduce administrative tasks, and connect with a pool of qualified workers. ShiftPixy's management has over 25 years of experience in workers' compensation and compliance programs, allowing the company to address compliance issues and promote fair employment practices in the expanding Gig Economy.