SoundHound Launches Voice-Enabled Assistant For Automotive Industry

SoundHound AI has revealed SoundHound Chat AI for Automotive - an in-vehicle voice assistant that combines Generative AI capabilities with a best-in-class voice assistant.

This hands-free solution will enable drivers and passengers to access info domains using complex conversational capabilities. Further, SoundHound Chat AI for Automotive is trained to avoid AI hallucinations - the misleading and unpredictable responses associated with technology that relies exclusively on Generative AI.

Indeed, SoundHound has a unique approach. The platform mixes software engineering with machine learning to intelligently select the correct response from the most appropriate domain, be that a Generative AI-powered answer or real-time questions about navigation, weather, sports, and others.

Moreover, SoundHound Chat AI integrates with any third-party Generative AI model to create a seamless conversational experience. Drivers do not need to worry whether the platform is able to keep the conversation going - it is providing fast, accurate responses to queries without frustrating results (no more “Sorry, I didn’t get that”).

SoundHound is the first to offer the automotive industry such a solution, says Keyvan Mohajer, CEO and Co-Founder of SoundHound. He adds:

"Our vast experience with OEMs, and our advanced proprietary technical approach, makes SoundHound Chat AI for Automotive the best possible option for OEMs looking to deliver this world-changing technology to their consumers.”

To emphasize the consumer need for voice-enabled solutions in the automotive industry, the company released key takeaways from the latest research study into the technology preferences of regular drivers. According to the study, 50% of all regular drivers said they would be likely or very likely to use an in-car voice assistant with Generative AI capabilities. When it comes to the most popular uses for voice assistants, these include navigation, radio, local search, making and answering calls, and text messaging.