Conduent’s Report Highlights the Need of HR Technology Solutions for Personalized Experiences

Even though we live in a digital age, it is important to highlight the need for both digital and human interactions. Conduent has released a new research report stating that to enhance employee satisfaction and engagement, Human Resource departments need to utilize a combination of digital and human interactions. The survey shows that HR teams are focusing on implementing digital employee experiences, such as tools to listen to employee feedback (35%), enhancing human capital management systems (34%), and expanding self-service capabilities (33%) to achieve this goal.

“HR technology solutions must deliver digital experiences that meet the needs of employees, while also freeing up time for HR representatives to focus on more complex employee issues that require personal engagement. The stakes are high for getting HR experiences right because exceptional employee experiences are tied to increased employee engagement and greater loyalty,” said Michelle Hernandez, Vice President and General Manager, Conduent.

Some key technology features, according to the survey, are the following:

  • Utilizing HR software, applications, and tools that are flexible and can adapt to changing needs.

  • Using employee satisfaction and engagement to gauge how loyal the company's workforce is.

  • Delivering a unified and compassionate experience to employees, regardless of the communication channel used.

  • Gathering data from across the entire organization and making it easily accessible for managers to view and act upon.

“More than ever before, HR teams are working to get plugged into the voice of the employee and looking to technology to solve the challenge of getting the right information to employees at the exact right time. Organizations must close the gap between how employees want to engage with HR and the current HR capabilities operating on legacy systems that silo data. Employees expect both a self-serve and high touch personalized experience to make decisions that can impact the quality of work life, health or finances,” said Hernandez.

Adapting to the changing customer needs, Conduent's Life@Work Connect is a technology platform that helps improve employee engagement and productivity by integrating HR data with employee health, wealth, and wellness information. By offering hyper-personalized experiences, this platform enables employees to make informed choices based on their needs and preferences. For instance, employees can see the option and benefits of a health savings account if they choose a high-deductible health plan, which may help them build their retirement savings. With targeted action plans and messaging delivered across multiple devices and in various languages, HR teams can enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty.

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