Qualtrics Announces Manager Assist

Qualtrics has announced Qualtrics Manager Assist, a new platform that lets managers listen, understand and act on feedback from their own teams.

Planned to be available in early 2023, the solution aims to increase employee productivity and engagement by collating employee feedback through engagement surveys and various internal and public channels.

To do so, Manager Assist brings insights from sources like open-text survey responses, HR tickets, public social media, and enterprise chat.

In addition, the platform leverages Qualtrics' XM Benchmarks to enable managers to identify risks and opportunities by gaining a deeper insight into larger industry trends and seeing where their own issues land in relation to the overall industry landscape.

“Most people leave their jobs as a result of their managers, so we’re enabling managers to become the heroes of the employee experience. Manager Assist puts the power of data into the hands of managers to understand how their teams are feeling and the experience their employees are having, and then empowers them to take the right actions to keep their teams working efficiently and effectively while also avoiding costly employee attrition,” said Brad Anderson, President of Products and Engineering, Qualtrics.

The Link Between Bad Manager Experiences and Employee Attrition

That bad manager experiences are influencing employee turnover confirms a Gallup poll which reveals that three-quarters of employees leave their jobs because of a negative experience with their manager.

In a similar vein, a recent Qualtrics study found that 43% of managers feel more pressure to produce results than they did a year ago which in turn causes additional strain on employees.

To help managers understand the mood of their teams and make sure they are giving their best, Manager Assist uses AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze millions of data points and pinpoint areas of focus. Then, the AI recommends the most impactful actions that improve team engagement.

Manager Assist will further reveal Cross XM insights to help managers know the most important actions that can both drive employee engagement and drive customer success.

Finally, Manager Assist leverages built-in action planning and collaboration tools to foster new ideas and simplify the process of creating plans with shared accountability. Teams can track progress on projects while each team member and manager can play part in creating a better workplace atmosphere.

Over the course of 2023, the enhancements to Manager Assist will include integration with EmployeeXM Discover, Cross XM, and Benchmarks.

The company has recently launched a Government Web Experience solution to improve online experiences and enhance the overall quality of services of federal, state, and local governments.