Contentsquare Adds New AI Capabilities that “Fix User Frustrations”

Digital experience analytics solutions vendor Contentsquare has added new AI capabilities to its insights platform to help businesses "fix user frustrations".

The launch acts as an extra layer of precision to CS Insights because it allows teams to contextualize and unlock a deeper understanding of customer behaviors online.

By providing a deep analysis of a website, the CS Insights platform helps companies identify the areas of frustration that impact revenue, allowing teams to resolve issues faster.

Now, teams can see if a user is clicking through a product carousel multiple times or rage-clicking out of frustration.

Similarly, in cases when a user is frequently interacting with the search box, companies can recognize that they are struggling to accomplish their goals and act accordingly.

“Contentsquare goes the extra mile, by increasing the precision of its AI insights and taking context into consideration — something no other provider in our category has done. Not only does this give our customers a three-dimensional view of user behavior, but it also helps them take smarter action, faster, for continuous optimization of the customer journey,” said Vincent Colombet, Head of Product at Contentsquare.

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No frustration left unnoticed

The enhanced platform now lets teams visualize events through "zones" where each of them can detect rage-clicking or multiple interactions with the same field. Teams can also replay sessions to pinpoint each moment of frustration.

In addition, intelligent scoring provides insights into the areas for improvement by ranking issues based on experience, conversion, and revenue.

“We continuously refine our AI algorithm to make it more powerful, relevant, and context-aware. Recent AI improvements are all focused on surfacing more actionable and contextual insights. We are excited about this new capability and are confident that it will help our customers drive value for their users and help them prioritize what their businesses need most,” said Lucie Buisson, Chief Product Officer at Contentsquare.