Contentsquare Announces New Experience Platform that Breaks Down Data Silos

Contentsquare has announced its new Experience Intelligence platform, the first solution in the market to allow teams to connect previously separate data sources. As a result, businesses will have a complete understanding of customers and their journeys.

The platform connects four siloed analytics domains:

  • Digital Experience Analytics (DXA),
  • Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM),
  • Product Analytics (PA),
  • Voice of Customer (VoC).

“Delivering experiences that people love is hard. Siloed analytics platforms and data complexity mean companies are struggling to really understand end-to-end customer journeys. By integrating all the main analytics categories into one platform, we’re making it easier for teams to understand their customers’ experience, and act faster to delight and retain them,” said Lucie Buisson, Chief Product Officer at Contentsquare.

Contentsquare has also added native, AI-powered VOC to its platform to enrich user behavior insights, allowing teams to collect and validate feedback with replay sessions and prioritize improvements.

The release promises to solve several challenges for teams, such as fragmented access to insights. For the first time in one platform, teams can have greater visibility into the end-to-end customer journey, both offline and online. Further, teams will be able to launch surveys in seconds and acquire feedback in minutes. This will make it easy to connect online user behavior with direct customer feedback.

Other updates include Contentsquare Frustration Score across various modules which automatically surfaces friction points in the customer journey, along with Headlines, a new feature that automatically surfaces key business metrics fluctuations and other weekly CX performance highlights.