Conversation Intelligence: Bridging the Gap Between Expectations and Execution

Uniphore has released a study that focuses on the major obstacles that enterprise customer experience (CX) programs face when dealing with the complex array of AI and automation tools available in the market. These tools and services often promise cost reduction and revenue increase. However, in an attempt to keep expenses down, many organizations have resorted to using various CX point solutions, which ultimately result in fragmented automation efforts.

A study commissioned by Uniphore and conducted by Forrester Consulting revealed that organizations that adopt an integrated approach to CX, focusing on the entire customer journey from chatbot interactions to agent-assisted support, are able to generate higher revenue and provide smoother interactions. This integrated approach leads to increased satisfaction for both agents and customers involved in the process.

Uniphore has made a solution that does just that - Uniphore X seamlessly covers every stage of the customer journey, starting from interactions with chatbots to handling more intricate inquiries that necessitate live agent support and even providing post-call insights.

“You’d be surprised how many CX executives believe they’re on the cutting edge with CX technology and innovation, while in the next breath say that they are unlikely to be satisfied with their own organization’s CX as a consumer. In fact, only one-fourth of respondents said they would be extremely satisfied with their company’s CX. So how do we bridge the gap? Enterprise organizations need Conversation Intelligence Platforms that unify all of the different CX point solutions. This is where Uniphore comes in. Uniphore enables organizations to take an integrated approach that brings the full value of AI and automation to the enterprise without sacrificing costs or CX quality,” said Annie Weckesser, Chief Marketing Officer at Uniphore.

CX failure is felt all throughout the organization  

Enterprises have come to the realization that deploying multiple-point solutions to address various CX needs results in the creation of isolated automation silos within their organization. This approach hinders the full potential of AI and automation in driving revenue growth and negatively impacts customer satisfaction. In fact, 80% of the respondents in the study recognize the immense value of a conversational intelligence platform. However, 70% of the respondents admit to facing difficulties in unifying their investments in AI and automation point solutions, indicating a struggle to integrate and streamline their CX initiatives effectively.

When CX initiatives fail, their negative impact is experienced across the entire organization. As many as 58% of organizations encounter difficulties in capturing insights from customer conversations and integrating their contact center with other enterprise systems, leading to critical consequences such as increased costs, revenue loss, lower CX scores, and even lower employee experience scores. The majority of respondents believe that implementing a comprehensive conversation intelligence platform will effectively address these challenges and greatly alleviate the aforementioned issues.

Speaking of customer conversation strategies, Uniphore has acquired Red Box, the UK-based open enterprise platform for capturing voice, screen, and metadata from conversations.