Uniphore Buys UK-Based Red Box

Uniphore has acquired Red Box, the UK-based open enterprise platform for capturing voice, screen and metadata from conversations.

The acquisition will further strengthen Uniphore's footprint in Europe, bringing emotion AI, no code low code development and knowledge AI to the region. Moving forward, Uniphore will provide seamless access to AI-ready voice and screen recording data from 100% of conversations powered by Red Box. This will help the company drive automation and analytics in the contact center, increasing faster time to value and better customer experiences for less.

“During these dynamic economic times, enterprises are realizing the importance of working with integrated platforms that can scale to offer stellar customer experience and proven ROI, versus point solutions and data silos. Today, I am excited to welcome the Red Box team to bring even more value to our combined global customer base through innovative technology, and a talented team that will help maximize the value of conversations,” said Umesh Sachdev, CEO and Co-founder of Uniphore.

Red Box’s proven track record in capturing and securing every voice and screen conversation, in real-time and post-call, will bolster the capabilities of the Uniphore X platform, enabling customers to improve customer loyalty.

Further, organizations will gain complete access and control of their captured data via open APIs to help them make timely and strategic business decisions in real-time along with ensuring regulatory compliance.

The integration of Red Box into Uniphore’s offering will also include the following:

  • Complete data sovereignty and ability to freely access aggregated voice data from 100% of conversations
  • Ability to extract rich insights and deliver automation from real-time and AI-ready voice and screen data at scale
  • Accelerated time to value of Uniphore's products for self-service, agent assistance and analytics through faster and secure capture of voice and screen data
  • Ability for organizations to migrate to modern architecture.

"Through the years, our customers have relied on us to securely capture their most important asset--voice conversations, and to give them full sovereignty of this strategic data set to unlock its value. We are delighted to be a part of Uniphore and now also able to give customers unparalleled access to Uniphore’s industry-leading AI and automation capabilities, helping them drive their business forward,” said Richard Stevenson, CEO of Red Box.

The Red Box team, its intellectual property, and its products are now part of Uniphore.

Back in October last year, Uniphore added new capabilities to its conversational AI and automation platform, Uniphore X, to enable brands to improve CX and sales.