Uniphore Boosts its Conversational AI and Automation Platform with New Capabilities

Uniphore has added new capabilities to its conversational AI and automation platform, Uniphore X, to enable brands to improve CX and sales.

The new capabilities complement the Uniphore U product portfolio and Uniphore Q for Sales product line, contributing to more seamless experiences and better customer engagement.

“With our customers top of mind, our focus from the beginning has been to build a powerful platform that delivers the latest and most beneficial innovations in conversational, video and knowledge AI, and automation all in one place,"said Umesh Sachdev, CEO and Co-Founder of Uniphore,

“Today’s release, announcing our enhanced X platform, the full integration of knowledge AI in our platform, as well as advancements in both our U and Q for Sales family of products, marks a new era of digital transformation for customer service and revenue teams.”

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The Uniphore U Portfolio

The Uniphore U product portfolio offers conversational AI, self-serve and agent assist tools, along with conversational analytics.

The latest additions to the portfolio include Intelligent Knowledge Bot, and Knowledge AI for Agents - upgrades to Uniphore U-Self Serve and Uniphore U-Assist, respectively.

Intelligent Knowledge Bot provides customers with the latest and most relevant information about their queries. In addition, the Bot helps intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) and agents with the next best actions to provide more efficient customer interactions.

Knowledge AI for Agents further consolidates the Uniphore U-Assist features, such as in-call agent guidance and after-call summarization. Using Knowledge AI, agents can quickly search across data systems for information that’s relevant and contextual to a customer’s query. The feature uses semantic search to understand the intent and provide the right information in a matter of seconds.

Uniphore Q for Sales

Uniphore Q for Sales product line provides "emotional intelligence to revenue teams" by offering real-time and post-call sentiment, engagement and conversation intelligence. Agents can gain insight into non-verbal cues that directly impact sales performance.

The company has added Lightspeed Video Analysis to the product line to provide post-call analytics after Zoom and Webex video meetings in less than 5 minutes. Through Key Moments and Action Items, revenue teams can track sales performance and gain emotional insights to better understand customers.

Companies can leverage a 60-day trial offer of Uniphore Q for Sales and gain full access to the product line for up to 100 licenses. Q for Sales integrates with platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Google Workspace.

Finally, Uniphore is now offering customers industry-specific solution packs with pre-defined templates that include a variety of use cases for accelerated ROI.