Launches Orchestrator LLM, Setting New Standards in AI-Powered Customer Support has unveiled its Orchestrator LLM, a groundbreaking agent model in the industry that excels in delivering personalized, context-aware interactions. The model significantly improves the speed and accuracy of resolving customer issues and boosts satisfaction rates by over 60%.

"Unlocking the full potential of LLMs requires a strong orchestration framework. Our Orchestrator LLM serves as a central integration hub, seamlessly collaborating with various AI tools and backend systems to deliver more cohesive and personalized customer experiences. The launch further underscores our commitment to developing multiple in-house LLMs and driving our mission to redefine the customer service sector through AI-first solutions that deliver human-like experiences autonomously," said Raghu Ravinutala, CEO & Co-founder,

Traditional chatbots have struggled with understanding context and recalling previous interactions, often leading to broken and unsatisfactory customer interactions. These issues are typically due to their limited programming which cannot handle complex queries based on prior dialogue. However, the introduction of Large Language Models (LLMs) like Orchestrator LLM aims to transform this aspect by providing personalized customer interactions at a more sophisticated level.

Orchestrator LLM sets a new standard in customer interaction by mastering advanced context switching, as it effortlessly carries conversations across different topics, maintains the thread of discussions, and ensures that conversations flow smoothly without sudden, awkward breaks. This capability enables it to revisit past interactions effectively, creating more engaging and natural dialogues.

No need for prior training  

Moreover, Orchestrator LLM enhances operational efficiency by requiring no prior training. It analyzes and responds to customer requests in real-time, deciding whether to pull information from databases, start a new dialogue, or escalate the issue to a human agent, all while keeping the context intact. This efficiency not only reduces operational costs by 60% but also increases agent productivity by 50%.

LLMs for all customer service scenarios has also been actively developing a suite of specialized LLMs tailored for different customer service scenarios. It recently launched YellowG LLM, which supports zero-setup, goal-driven conversations, and Komodo-7B, Indonesia’s first LLM for customer support across more than 11 local languages. These models boast impressive capabilities, including a less than 1% rate of generating incorrect or unrealistic information (hallucination) and a response time of just 0.6 seconds, ensuring that they meet the high standards required for enterprise use.

Additionally, has successfully rolled out over 150 generative AI bots for various enterprises, further demonstrating its commitment to leading-edge, AI-first customer service solutions.

Elsewhere, has launched Email Automation, a solution designed to handle high volumes of email-based support inquiries efficiently.