Yext Unveils Listings Recommendations to Reshape Organic Search for Brands

Yext has launched Listings Recommendations to transform how brands boost their visibility in organic search. This innovative tool provides brands with AI-driven insights and actionable advice to refine their search strategies effectively.

“Nearly 20 years ago, Yext revolutionized the way listings were managed with groundbreaking technology. Since then, we have been focused on building the most robust AI-enabled capabilities in the industry to improve how brands manage their digital presence at scale. Listings Recommendations leverages the industry’s largest publisher network, the largest and most comprehensive dataset and AI technology that is far ahead of any other platform. With the ability to give customers deep insights and take action much faster, it’s a new day in the listings space,” said Jason LaFollette, Chief Technology Officer at Yext.

Merely managing basic listings is insufficient for sustained success in today's world. The key lies in the agility to adapt quickly to emerging trends and opportunities. However, with the complexity of managing listings across numerous platforms and locations, the task often proves daunting without substantial resources or expert assistance.

Listings Recommendations streamlines this process, offering tailored suggestions and streamlining the path to improved results. By harnessing Yext's advanced AI technology and vast repository of structured business data, the tool delivers timely and relevant recommendations to optimize listing performance.

Listings Recommendations features  

Proactive Guidance: From recommending additional publishers for information synchronization to enhancing content with local photos and high-impact keywords, Yext simplifies the optimization process, enabling brands to stay competitive effortlessly.

Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging extensive industry data, brands gain actionable insights into the measurable impact of their listing optimizations. Yext's team of adept data scientists employs sophisticated algorithms to extract valuable trends and correlations, empowering brands to make informed decisions.

Listings Monitoring: Through advanced AI algorithms, Yext identifies performance anomalies across business listings, proactively alerting brands and providing actionable recommendations to enhance listing health.

Last year, Yext introduced - AI Generated Review Response - which is integrated into Yext Reviews and allows businesses to enhance their customer experience by delivering more engaging responses to reviews.