Element451 Unveils AI Assistants for Higher Education

Student engagement CRM platform Element451 has unveiled a new lineup of AI Assistants and AI-driven information discovery solutions aimed at enhancing both staff productivity and student engagement.

"For higher ed to quickly see the benefits of generative AI, they need tools that can be utilized with natural language and designed for specific roles and functions. We're making it easier for institutions to not just adopt generative AI, but to quickly make it part of their strategy, assist their staff, and improve engagement across every individual student journey," said Element451 Founder and CEO, Ardis Kadiu.

One year ago, Element451 unveiled Bolt Copilot and BoltBot, the first generative AI technology for higher education.

Amidst the backdrop of rising college tuition costs, limited university staffing, and heightened competition, universities face the pressing need to operate more efficiently while simultaneously deepening engagement with their student body, faculty, and alumni. A recent McKinsey report highlights the potential of current generative AI and other technologies to automate tasks that currently consume a significant portion of employees' time, potentially freeing up valuable resources.

AI-powered assistants  

The latest developments from Element451 introduce pioneering AI-powered solutions aimed at addressing the key challenges confronting higher education institutions.

Bolt AI Assistants: These personalized assistants represent the pinnacle of team support, leveraging AI to deliver customized responses tailored to specific objectives. Designed to assist both students and staff, each AI Assistant is equipped to handle distinct roles and tasks within the educational ecosystem.

Bolt Discovery: This dynamic and interactive information discovery experience harnesses the power of generative AI to provide precise and comprehensive answers to user inquiries. By seamlessly searching through institutional knowledge bases in real time, Bolt Discovery delivers up-to-date information on any topic of interest.

Bolt AI Assistants 

Whether providing students with personalized support or augmenting staff capabilities with advanced tools and insights, Bolt AI Assistants are designed to enhance efficiency, nurture personal growth, and streamline operations. These assistants seamlessly integrate into specific roles, functioning as indispensable team members.

These AI assistants have been meticulously trained to fulfill specific roles and functions for students and staff, with additional roles currently in development.

Bolt Discovery 

Navigating through the vast array of information within higher education institutions can be challenging for students, often leading to friction in enrollment and hindering student success. To address this complexity, Element451 introduces Bolt Discovery, an innovative information discovery tool powered by generative AI. By delivering accurate responses to natural language queries and providing personalized recommendations, Bolt Discovery ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience, significantly reducing the time spent searching for information and enhancing user engagement.

Element451 is assisting higher education institutions with the transformative capabilities of generative AI, enabling increased productivity without disrupting existing workflows. The newly unveiled features offer a seamless and personalized experience tailored to the unique needs of individual staff members, teams, and students.