Emplifi Unveils Innovations to Elevate Holiday Season and E-Commerce Strategies

Emplifi has unveiled its latest product innovations for the upcoming holiday season and in preparation for brands evaluating e-commerce technology for the coming year. These enhancements encompass influencer marketing tools, improved user-generated content features, and social proof through ratings and reviews.

“We continue to take bold strides to unify marketing, commerce, and care. We are excited to unveil our groundbreaking influencer power workflows and analytics, backed by Emplifi’s vast database of 35 million influencers. It's more than just offering tools – it is about reshaping the way brands connect with the modern consumer in this dynamic digital landscape,” said Todd McCaslin,CTO, Emplifi.

These enhancements follow Emplifi's Summer 23' release, when the company unveiled more enhanced automation, AI, and commerce features.

Emplifi Influencers  

Emplifi Influencers is a marketing platform that offers comprehensive control and insights throughout influencer marketing campaigns, spanning from initial discovery to performance evaluation.

The platform now enhances brand visibility and reaches the right target audience by utilizing Emplifi's GDPR-compliant database of 35 million influencers. The influencer CRM database facilitates the establishment and maintenance of long-term, value-driven partnerships.

It also employs AI-powered influencer analysis to efficiently expand campaigns, helping brands gain a deeper understanding of individual influencer performance.

Emplifi Influencers streamlines campaign management by integrating influencer ranking, internal notes, and custom validation stages, accelerating the approval process.

Moreover, it provides robust reporting tools to assess engagement, clicks, and direct sales at every campaign stage. This includes ROI calculations to focus on and invest in the most effective campaigns.

Unified UGC features 

User-generated content (UGC) has been a valuable resource for enhancing engagement and boosting eCommerce while enabling brands to establish more authentic connections. Emplifi UGC is designed to streamline this process by linking a brand's repository of pre-approved UGC content with AI Composer and Emplifi Publisher. This integration allows teams to save time and concentrate on campaign strategies. Furthermore, uploader improvements offer AI-driven product suggestions from the brand's catalog and on-site collections, like crowdsourced product tagging, enhance flexibility and speed up the time it takes to see results.

Enhancing agent proficiency  

Emplifi Care is a tool that assists brands in addressing customer inquiries across various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and X. Its latest features are designed to enhance agent efficiency and improve the overall customer experience.

Real-time notifications keep agents and supervisors informed about potential breaches of service level agreements (SLAs), encouraging proactive responses and accountability.

Simplified permission management and adaptive case assignments leverage each team's unique skills, workloads, and availability, improving overall performance.

Advanced automation and intelligent case routing initiate multiple actions with a single click or update fields to eliminate repetitive tasks.

Agile sentiment adjustments based on case outcomes, resulting in a more accurate analysis of customer support.

Enhanced insights integrated with Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) data, derived from real-time Emplifi Voice of the Customer data, enhance service quality.

Seamless collaboration between marketing and customer service teams 

Emplifi's integrated platform facilitates seamless collaboration between marketing and customer service teams, offering shared access to conversation, activity, and case status information, resulting in improved service and reduced case-handling times. Furthermore, marketing teams can efficiently escalate messages to the service team, transitioning from Emplifi Community and Emplifi Care to Emplifi Agent.

Emplifi Agent is tailored for customer service teams, providing comprehensive case management, advanced workflow automation, and fulfillment capabilities. It boasts simplified customization features for screen layouts and seamless integration with enterprise identity management through SCIM. Enhanced reporting, considering product and location history, aids in pinpointing performance areas and areas needing attention, streamlining customer interactions and support.

Additionally, Emplifi Knowledge has been updated for tailored responses, live collaborative editing, internal team commenting, and version control across 27 languages.

In August, Emplifi unveiled Unified Analytics to give brands the ability to aggregate, analyze, and activate customer data for faster business agility