Emplifi Summer ’23 Release Unveils Enhanced Automation, AI, and Commerce Features

Emplifi has unveiled its key highlights for the Summer of 2023. The platform now offers enhanced automation, extended support for generative AI, innovative commerce features, integrated social customer care, and various other capabilities. These advancements help brands effectively engage with, convert, and cater to the needs of today's digitally-connected consumers across digital and social channels.

"Our most recent advancements incorporate a powerful blend of automation, foundational and generative AI, rule-based decision-making, intelligent routing, CX analytics, and integrated care within our suite of marketing, commerce, and service solutions. These innovations are designed to enhance operational efficiency, drive revenue growth, and ensure unparalleled customer experiences across dynamic digital and social platforms," said Todd McCaslin, Chief Technology Officer, Emplifi.

Emplifi's Summer ‘23 solution offers a variety of new features and capabilities:

Social Marketing 

Emplifi Care is a solution that enables organizations to promptly and proactively address customer requests, inquiries, and feedback received on social media. Recognizing the importance of brand reputation, Emplifi Care offers integrated case management tools for social media and community managers. These tools facilitate the routing, opening, management, tracking, analysis, and escalation of customer service and care inquiries. Some capabilities in the Summer '23 highlights include:

  • Tailored SLA Targets and Real-time Notifications: This feature enhances efficiency and ensures compliance by aligning service levels with case priorities.

  • Enhanced Filtering Options: Emplifi Care provides advanced filtering options, including sentiment analysis, helping teams identify and focus on inquiries, requests, and messages that have a significant impact on the brand.

  • Integration with Salesforce Service Cloud: Cases within Emplifi Care seamlessly integrate with Salesforce Service Cloud, streamlining team efficiency and workflow. This integration optimizes the return on investment (ROI) by leveraging existing infrastructure.

Emplifi Publisher is designed to support teams in managing the constant flow of content creation and delivery, especially as organizations increasingly rely on user-generated content (UGC) to achieve authenticity on a large scale. In the Summer '23 release, social media teams can now conveniently publish approved UGC assets on popular social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok directly within Emplifi's user-friendly interface. The release also introduces a unified Calendar feature, which simplifies and schedules campaigns across a few or multiple channels, resulting in improved ease, speed, and productivity for teams.


Emplifi Influencers has undergone enhancements to enable brands to effectively convey their narratives and generate higher conversion rates and revenue. Following Emplifi's acquisition of Pixlee TurnTo, the influencer database now offers access to over 30 million macro, micro, and nano-influencers. A notable addition is the Product for Post feature, which aids brands in raising awareness, collecting valuable reviews, and boosting product sales. This feature also provides insights into influencer and product performance.

Furthermore, brands can conveniently manage influencer partnerships by sending products, monitoring costs, tracking delivery status, and accessing content, all from a single platform.

Emplifi UGC leverages genuine content created by customers to enhance brand storytelling, fostering relatability and engagement and ultimately driving conversions. With our AI product tagging feature, both brands and consumers can tag products within the content. This functionality enables customers to showcase and endorse their favorite items while also assisting brands in increasing product visibility. By bridging the gap between content and commerce, Emplifi UGC helps brands capitalize on the power of user-generated content to boost product awareness and facilitate seamless conversions.

Emplifi Ratings and Reviews offer valuable tools for brands to leverage the influence of customer feedback on purchase decisions, as today, ratings and reviews hold more weight than factors like price, return policy, and shipping costs. The latest enhancements include syndicated review subdimensions, shopper profile attributes, rating-only reviews, and the ability to respond to reviews, providing brands with deeper insights into buyers and product success.


Emplifi Knowledge has introduced support for generative AI, empowering authors to create various question variations specific to topics. This feature streamlines the management of knowledge bases while enabling agents and customers to ask and receive accurate answers.

Emplifi Bot chatbots have proven their effectiveness by handling up to 40% of customer cases in service centers through self-service. The Summer '23 release now offers self-service templates and pre-built conversation flows, enabling organizations to quickly deploy omnichannel bots and provide efficient self-service options to customers.

Emplifi VoC has undergone a user interface refresh, aligning with Emplifi's UI/UX framework. Additionally, scalable star ratings have been incorporated into Emplifi VoC, providing brands with another user-friendly feedback tool. Users now have the ability to create, visualize, and plan changes to surveys before publishing, ensuring a seamless and effective feedback collection process.

In other news, Emplifi has unveiled the Emplifi Partner Program, which expands on Emplifi's existing lineup of marketing, commerce, and customer care solutions.