Five9 Upgrades WFA Tool to Enhance Data Integration and Personalization in Contact Centers

Five9 has announced upgrades to its Five9 Workflow Automation (WFA) tool, which will enable better integration of data and automation between contact centers and enterprise business systems.

“Our enhanced WFA solution opens many possibilities for creative, innovative, fluid customer journeys, without the reliance on IT resources. We are excited to make this capability available for all our customers and continue the commitment Five9 has shared around democratizing access to contact center development tools. At Five9, we believe data and insights are key to enabling a fluid experience and being able to connect the contact center to the rest of the CX ecosystem is in turnkey to that. This is exactly the strength of Five9 WFA,” said Callan Schebella, EVP, Product Management, Five9.

Five9 WFA allows businesses to integrate various systems, aggregate data, and take real-time actions based on customer data and context. It also provides contact centers with access to information that was previously isolated, leading to faster decision-making, automated customer experiences, and reduced workload and costs. Five9 has enhanced its WFA solution with a new Automation Studio that provides a visually intuitive no-code/low-code workflow development environment.

Five9 WFA Automation Studio enables non-technical users to create, deploy, and manage automation workflows that connect Five9 with other customer experience systems, including CRMs, eCommerce, marketing software, knowledge bases, and other front-end and back-end systems. This tool provides a library of over 100 pre-built connections to commonly used business systems, such as SaaS and PaaS platforms, making system integration quicker and accelerating time-to-value.

In addition, Five9 has launched a Solutions Catalog that provides a list of automation and visualizations organized by specific contact center use cases, with the aim of increasing efficiency for businesses and teams and streamlining their operations. The Solutions Catalog includes use cases for monitoring the performance of interactive voice response (IVR) and intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) systems, both voice and digital, as well as agent skill assignment and omnichannel orchestration.

By tracking various customer events like website visits, product purchases, and email interactions, companies can create personalized campaigns using email or advertising platforms. This enables targeted customer outreach and engagement, and businesses can quickly adapt to changes in customer behavior. Additionally, analyzing customer behavior data can assist companies in making informed decisions about future strategies.

Just a few days ago, Five9 made Agent Assist 2.0 generally available to its customers.