Pega Unveils GenAI Knowledge Buddy to Transform Enterprise Knowledge Access with AI

Pegasystems has unveiled the Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy, a generative AI-powered assistant designed to streamline access to specific answers from scattered knowledge bases for customers and employees. With a focus on delivering hyper-personalized experiences, Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy combines an advanced AI architecture with robust security features, aiming to revolutionize how users access information while maintaining high standards of trust and responsibility.

“While many want to use generative AI to do the heavy lifting when seeking answers within massive content libraries, they also need security, transparency, and auditability to use the technology with confidence. Pega Knowledge Buddy will unlock new levels of productivity with enterprise-grade generative AI capabilities that seamlessly and securely integrate into these content libraries so both employees and customers can quickly get optimal answers and guidance with more accuracy, easily resolve service issues, and provide smoother experiences for all users,” said Kerim Akgonul, Chief Product Officer, Pega.

The main challenge that Pega addressed is the difficulty in finding, comprehending, and connecting enterprise knowledge content. Information is often buried in lengthy, complex documents spread across numerous disconnected systems, leading to frustration for employees and customers. While generative AI bots could theoretically assist, many existing solutions are either consumer-grade or overly rigid "science projects," lacking the security and adaptability required for enterprise content libraries.

Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy allows customers and employees to pose questions through simple, conversational interfaces and receive specific, accurate, audited, and concise responses generated by the AI. The solution leverages AI to automatically search, analyze, and synthesize existing document libraries, offering quick answers. Moreover, users can request the generation of new content, such as emails or documents, based on their existing knowledge base.

Main features of Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy  

Organizations can easily configure distinct Buddies for various use cases, such as marketing, operations, sales, or service, which are then integrated into internal systems or digital channels.

Additionally, administrators have full control over the behavior and security of their Buddies. A simple configuration experience allows them to define and test AI-assistant prompts, guidelines, and access control, ensuring adherence to security standards.

The solution also offers fine-grained controls over content ownership and history of content updates to ensure quality content sources. Only approved users can add or update specific content, maintaining better version control.

Pega GenAI employs a state-of-the-art Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) architecture for intelligent Q&A experiences, minimizing the risk of AI hallucination and providing rapid content evolution without ongoing costs.

In addition, generated answers include clear citations back to the organization's content, ensuring transparency. Conversations are tracked and audited, providing insights into usage and allowing content managers to fine-tune Buddies over time.

Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy seamlessly integrates with Pega applications, allowing developers to plug different Buddies directly into any channel or front end for easy activation across the workforce.

GenAI-powered knowledge assistants  

The solution offers organizations a versatile platform for swift deployment of generative AI-powered knowledge assistants. For instance, a "Sales Buddy" can assist a sales representative in creating a compelling proposal for an enterprise offering by simply instructing, "Generate a proposal that resonates with an executive." This results in the immediate provision of a nearly final proposal, eliminating the need to start from scratch and streamlining the proposal creation process.

Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy is part of Pega Infinity, with availability on Pega Cloud slated for the Pega Infinity ’24.1 release.