IBM and Salesforce Forge an AI-Driven Partnership for CRM Transformation 

IBM and Salesforce have joined forces to assist businesses across various sectors in speeding up their implementation of artificial intelligence for customer relationship management (CRM). This partnership aims to help clients transform their interactions with customers, partners, and employees, all while ensuring the security of their data.

"We see how the need to increase employee productivity while simultaneously elevating the customer experience with speed, personalization, and convenience has surged exponentially. Through our collaboration with Salesforce, we can help empower enterprise clients to scale and accelerate the adoption of generative AI that will support them to meet their business needs," said Matt Candy, Global Managing Partner, Generative AI, IBM Consulting.

IBM Consulting and Salesforce are collaborating to expedite business transformations by leveraging generative AI. Clients now have access to the following benefits:

Assisting in AI adoption  

IBM Consulting, leveraging its industry knowledge and advanced delivery methods like the IBM Garage framework for business transformation, will assist clients in adopting and implementing Salesforce's AI technologies. This approach aims to streamline the seamless integration of Salesforce's AI offerings, including Einstein, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Slack, to promote efficiency.

Incorporating Data and Insights 

Besides assisting clients in efficiently deploying Salesforce's generative AI tools, IBM Consulting can enhance these solutions with IBM watsonx. This enterprise-ready AI and data platform, built on open standards, can unlock data stored in backend systems, enabling the creation of dynamic user and employee experiences.

Expediting Value Delivery  

Clients who work with both IBM Consulting and Salesforce can benefit from a range of AI-driven tools and implementation boosters through IBM Consulting Managed Services for Salesforce. This service model is tailored to assist customers in efficiently deploying, expanding, and improving their Salesforce usage. For example, the IBM Data Classifier, an AI-powered application trained on industry-specific data models, streamlines the data mapping process, reducing client complexity.

IBM leveraged generative AI technologies from Salesforce, Slack, and IBM watsonx to undergo its transformation process to achieve a comprehensive 360-degree customer experience. This transformation enables IBM's client service and sales departments to gain a complete and unified perspective of the customer journey. Teams across the globe can collaborate seamlessly within a single platform to deliver rapid, data-driven engagement that meets customers wherever they are. IBM accomplished this by integrating IBM Watson Assistant into Salesforce Customer 360, leveraging Salesforce's open API architecture.

"Companies are embarking on a transformative journey fueled by generative AI. Salesforce partners like IBM Consulting play an important role in helping businesses use Salesforce's AI, data and CRM technologies to connect with their customers on a new level. Bringing Salesforce and IBM innovations together will help transform the way companies deliver personalized, engaging experiences," said Steve Corfield, EVP and General Manager, Global Alliances and Channels, Salesforce.

In other news, IBM has announced plans to host Meta's Llama 2-chat 70 billion parameter model in the studio, part of IBM's enterprise-ready AI and data platform watsonx.