Forsta Teams Up with Cint to Tackle Survey Fraud

Forsta has announced an innovative partnership with Cint, a digital insights technology company, aiming to combat survey fraud and enhance data quality and security within the market research industry. Through this partnership, all Forsta customers utilizing Cint will gain access to a secure environment that effectively eliminates ghost completes (also known as link jumpers) by the end of June. This joint effort with Cint addresses a significant challenge in the industry, setting a higher standard for data quality across the field of market research.

“Ghost completes have been an issue in our industry. This technology helps us reduce fraud and increase security. With Cint and Forsta’s technology directly connected via this server-to-server (S2S) integration, market researchers can expect high-quality sample to help them produce accurate research with ease,” said Oscar Carlsson, Chief Innovation Officer at Cint.

Ghost completes refer to instances where a survey falsely records a respondent as completing it, although they haven't actually done so. Market researchers will experience improved sample flow in their surveys by eliminating ghost completes, ensuring a more accurate and secure data collection process. In addition, panel suppliers will benefit from avoiding the distribution of incentives for ghost completes, further enhancing the integrity of the market research ecosystem.

“For the last 25 years, Forsta has supported insights professionals with best-in-class technology to collect and report market research data. Our investment in this technology represents continuation of that commitment. With Cint as our first non-exclusive partner, we’re thrilled to be bringing our market research customers the peace of mind that their time and resources spent on surveying panelists are producing quality data that drive intelligent insights. We’re excited to bring this technology to the broader market research industry in the long term,” said Tobi Andersson, Managing Director for Forsta.

About Cint 

Cint is a global software company specializing in digital insights gathering. Its platform automates collecting insights, enabling companies to access valuable data quickly and on a large scale. With a vast consumer network across 130 countries, Cint supports more than 2,600 insights-driven companies, including SurveyMonkey, Zappi, Kantar, and GfK.

Elsewhere, Forsta has recently released Forsta Studio Canvas, an advanced visualization and data storytelling solution within the Forsta Human Experience (HX) platform.