New Data Shows How Choosing the Right AI Impacts Revenue

Partnering with a strategic AI vendor can have a significant impact on a brand's revenue, according to a recent study from Persado, conducted by Momentive. The study discovered that relying solely on experience and creative intuition when choosing a language for marketing campaigns does not always lead to optimal results, resulting in missed opportunities for generating revenue.

In the study "Better Together: Generative AI + Human Creativity," retail marketing leaders were presented with three different versions of twelve consumer marketing campaigns. These versions included a human-authored control message and two AI-generated variants - one with median performance and the other with the highest performance.

“Our study found that marketing teams leave dollars on the table when they don't empower their human creatives with AI-driven insights about the language that works to motivate customer engagement,” explained Michele Nemschoff, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Persado.

The key findings from the study include:

Using human creativity only is insufficient  

While human marketers play a crucial role in the creative process, the study found that relying solely on human creativity is not enough. The insights provided by AI are necessary for identifying the highest-performing message.

 A strategic AI partner is always needed  

The study also found that even marketers with over ten years of experience were not more successful at identifying the highest-performing message compared to those with five to nine years of experience. This indicates that experience alone is not enough, and the assistance of a strategic AI partner is crucial for achieving optimal results in marketing campaigns.

All choices have a financial impact  

The AI-generated messages that performed the best achieved a click rate of 2.5%, which was a 68% improvement from the human-authored control message that had a click rate of 1.5%. This increase in click rate resulted in an estimated incremental revenue opportunity of $5.8 million for the 12 campaigns that were analyzed.

The study highlights the importance of using Generative AI in tandem with experienced marketing teams to create personalized content that captures consumers' attention and motivates them to take action, resulting in higher-performing campaigns and missed revenue opportunities.

More about Persado 

Persado leverages specialized enterprise generative AI technology - Persado Motivation AI - to create personalized, emotion-informed messages at scale. This technology is powered by advanced ML, NLP, and deep learning transformer models. The company has been successful in driving actions for top brands, including major retailers. In just four years, these brands have collectively generated more than $1.5 billion in additional revenue using Persado.