Playvox Launches New WFM Integration with Freshworks

Playvox has launched a new integration of its Workforce Management Software (WFM) with Freshworks Customer Service Applications, available through an app on the Freshworks Marketplace. The AI-enabled app is designed to enhance how businesses manage agent scheduling in an omnichannel environment, predict support workloads across various channels, and effectively plan both immediate and future resource needs.

"The partnership between Playvox and Freshworks will help us to continue to deliver intuitive, scalable, and cost- effective solutions to customers looking to better manage their workforce. We offer best-of-breed, seamless integrated WFM and CX software solutions for businesses to smartly manage their workforce while improving customer experience," said Daniel Pagel, Chief Executive Officer, Playvox.

By combining Playvox's WEM capabilities with the robust customer service solutions from Freshworks, companies can create a more cohesive experience for their employees while optimizing resource allocation to serve customers across their preferred communication channels better. This integration harnesses the power of AI and automation to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency.

Accurately predicting agent workloads 

With Playvox's new integration within the Freshworks Customer Service Suite, organizations are now equipped to leverage AI to accurately predict agent workloads across multiple channels. This technology enables strategic capacity planning to adeptly manage sudden spikes in support demands and assist with long-term resource allocation.

Additionally, it streamlines the automatic assignment of agents to shifts and staffing adjustments based on real-time workloads. Organizations can also analyze detailed, real-time data using AI to gain valuable insights into workforce performance, experience, and engagement levels.

"The integration with Playvox helps Freshworks' customers forecast, plan, and manage their workforce schedules more effectively and helps their employees create better experiences for their customers. Freshworks' products are designed to help businesses deliver a better customer experience while enhancing agent productivity, and this integration furthers that cause," said Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer at Freshworks.

Elsewhere, Playvox has partnered with Five9 to bring Playvox's comprehensive Workforce Management (WFM) Solution to the Five9 CX Marketplace.