Revenue Intelligence Startup Gong Releases User-Trainable AI System for Customer Conversations

Revenue intelligence startup Gong has revealed Smart Trackers, a user-trainable AI system for a better understanding of customer conversations.

Embedded in the Gong Reality platform, Smart Trackers deliver "up to three times more" result accuracy than legacy keywords trackers.

The system uses AI and machine learning to understand the context of all customer interactions captured and analyzed in Gong's platform.

Users can customize Smart Trackers to fit their business and market and measure the effectiveness of strategic initiatives, like new product launches or pricing campaigns.

In addition, Smart Trackers can help customer-facing teams identify risks and opportunities, replicate best practices, and predict emerging market needs.

"For many organizations, keyword trackers operate like a sprinkler, spraying terms all over data that is often inaccurate and stale. Smart Trackers set a new precedent, putting the power of AI in the hands of revenue teams to quickly and accurately identify customer sentiment, trends coming up in conversations, and the impact of key initiatives. The result is quick, better decision-making to optimize revenue potential," said Gong Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Eilon Reshef.

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Smart Trackers can identify a concept through different ways of communication, without it having to be explicitly mentioned. For example, a customer may ask for a discount by saying "Can I get a better price?" and Smart Trackers would be able to figure out that a discount is in question.

Smart Trackers are available in Gong's new Initiatives dashboard to enable revenue leaders to measure field adoption and pipeline impact of strategic initiatives in one place.

Gong says Smart Trackers setup is quick and reduces the tedious fine-tuning and quality assurance necessary for keyword trackers. What's more, the increased accuracy lets Smart Trackers produce a more substantial payoff for teams, with more valuable insights.