Google Adds Interactive Definitions to its Search Generative Experience    

Google has improved its Search Generative Experience (SGE) by adding new generative AI capabilities and making AI a central part of online experiences.

With these updates, users will find it easier to understand complex topics. For instance, when they come across unfamiliar terms while searching, they can hover over the words to get quick definitions along with relevant diagrams or images.

The aim is to make learning smoother for people who encounter new or complicated terms during research. By hovering over a term, a brief definition will pop up, so users don't need to leave their current page.

Streamlining coding  

SGE has also introduced new features aimed at simplifying the process of understanding and fixing code, catering to both beginners and experienced programmers. These AI-powered enhancements are designed to enhance the clarity of code, making it more accessible to all.

SGE currently offers AI-generated summaries that assist with a variety of programming languages and tools. This includes providing answers to how-to questions and suggesting code snippets for common tasks. With the latest updates, code sections within these summaries will now be color-coded using syntax highlighting. This means that it's quicker and more straightforward to recognize components like keywords, comments, and strings.

SGE while browsing  

Google is conducting an early experiment called "SGE while browsing" in its Search Labs. This feature is designed to change the way users interact with and consume long-form web content. For web searches that don't require payment to access, this system will generate a curated list of the article's key points using AI. Additionally, it offers an "Explore on page" option that highlights the main questions addressed in the article, allowing users to quickly navigate to relevant sections.


Currently, "SGE while browsing" is accessible through the Google app on Android and iOS. However, the plan is to incorporate this feature into the desktop version of Chrome in the near future. Users who are already using SGE will automatically have access to this experiment.

Google's recent advancements in the Search Generative Experience present a novel way of engaging with and understanding online information. By leveraging generative AI, Google has provided users with resources to explore new subjects, improve their coding skills, and enrich their web browsing.

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