UserTesting Introduces the Latest Human Insights Toolbox

UserTesting has introduced several improvements to its Human Insight Platform, making it easier to connect with specific, challenging-to-reach audience segments. The company also revealed an integration with Canva and FullStory to help organizations make the most of human insights.

Moreover, UserTesting now offers an Insights Services option, allowing organizations to outsource research to the company experts for efficient and cost-effective research and support delivery.

“Companies are building products and experiences for broader audiences than ever. As a result, we are seeing an increasing demand from businesses to be able to connect with niche audiences with unique specificities as a means to stay in-step with changing customer attitudes and behaviors. We bring specialized experience to audience recruitment. Between our own and our vetted partner networks, we have the ability to find the most highly-targeted audiences, helping customers to locate the audiences they need to address their business imperatives—from international compliance challenges to accessibility considerations,” said Marco Crolla, Chief Audience Officer at UserTesting.

Niche Audience Recruitment 

UserTesting's Niche Audience Recruitment feature makes it easier to gather valuable insights from unique and typically elusive groups. With advanced tools, users can swiftly pinpoint essential audiences, tap into fresh perspectives from previously hard-to-reach participants, and ensure the quality of insights from carefully evaluated contributors. By focusing on the specific needs of target audiences, businesses can better create solutions that align with their goals.

Insights Services 

As part of their professional services, UserTesting offers Insights Services, allowing organizations to efficiently delegate research tasks to UserTesting's in-house experts. These experts provide tailored research solutions that support business growth and well-informed decision-making. This service enables teams to increase their research capabilities, obtain ready-made insights more quickly, and ensure data security, risk reduction, and effective research management.

Integrations with two third-party platforms 

FullStory Integration: This enables users to connect UserTesting's user feedback with FullStory's detailed user-session information. By combining these insights, users can effectively prioritize digital improvements and changes that have the most significant impact on the buyer's journey.

Canva Integration: With this integration, users can seamlessly incorporate video-based insights from UserTesting into Canva assets. This facilitates the sharing and promotion of key insights across the organization, fostering a collective understanding of customer preferences and needs.

Additional updates 

UserTesting has consolidated its learning academies into a single entity called UserTesting University, which brings together courses and product documentation from UserTesting, UserZoom, UserZoomGo, and EnjoyHQ. All these courses are now accessible within UserTesting University.

In September, UserTesting introduced its new technology partner program - "ConnectTech " - to expand its network of integrated technologies.